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 Selecting a Breed

The most exciting step in selecting a new puppy is choosing the breed best suited to your interest. The CKC registers over 175 uniquely different breeds in Canada, each with their own natural instincts, characteristics and appearance. Some large, some small, some high maintenance, while others are not. Some can be docile and others full of energy with long coats or short. The list of differences goes on and on.

Research                                                                                                                                        Do your research and take time to consider all aspects of the breed you select. Narrow your choices down to two or three breeds suited to your lifestyle, then get as much information as you can before making a final choice. Review our on-line Breed Standards or visit your local library for more detailed information.

Experience the Breed                                                                                                                    Research will lead you to your preferences but most of all, you need to experience your selected breeds first hand in order to reach your final decision. Visit one of the many CKC events held throughout Canada each year to experience the breeds and talk to the owner or breeder about the breed. People are generally willing to provide information and offer first hand experience. Look for events in your area via the on-line search, or contact CKC Client Services at (416) 674-3699 or 1-855-DOGS CKC (1-855-364-7252).

Why Purebred?                                                                                                                             One advantage of purebred dogs is that the qualities of each generation (size, coat, temperament etc.) are passed on to the next. All breeds are different however, so consider the following from the point of view of a mature dog when developing your short list:

Size Determines space requirement
Coat Type Determines grooming time needed
Energy Level Determines space requirement and exercise needs                        
Original Purpose Indicates instinctive activity (i.e. barking, protecting, retrieving, etc.)
Temperament Determines obedience needs, level of independence or attachment, aggressive/passive nature, etc.
Allergies Some breeds cause less suffering for allergy patients



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