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Since 1888, The Canadian Kennel Club has worked tirelessly to promote and ensure a fair, accurate representation of all purebred dogs, particularly in the face of canine safety legislation. Now more than ever, is the work and support of the CKC and the canine community needed in order to defeat breed specific legislation in favour of dangerous dog legislation. 

To this day, the CKC continues to support dangerous and/or vicious dog legislation that serves to protect the public from dangerous dogs. CKC stresses that dangerous temperament is a product of many factors, and not determined by breed alone. Banning a particular type of dog as a reactionary measure with little effect, and one that will only serve to push the indiscriminate breeders and/or owners underground, or to punish another breed not included in the legislation.

Like many interested parties, CKC believes that public education; stronger enforcement of existing by-laws, and stiffer penalties for owners is more effective than breed specific legislation.

As a result, CKC attends all political meetings nationally and speaks out against breed specific legislation in support of dangerous dog legislation. CKC also continues to inform members of ongoing breed specific initiatives through its monthly publication The Official Section and the CKC website.

Ultimately, CKC would like members to collectively become a strong, highly informed lobby group. CKC encourages members to keep a finger on the legislative pulse at the local and provincial levels, investigating and acting upon unofficial and proposed laws that affect dog breeds and their owners.

CKC asks members to take the time to familiarize themselves with their local and provincial bylaw adoption processes. We also ask that members take the opportunity to identify municipal meeting dates and participate in these meetings. In addition, CKC also encourages members to solicit support from local politicians, including like-minded individuals, organizations and the media. 

We encourage you to review the other sections re: Responsible Dog Ownership for further information on how to best impact the legislative process, in support of all dog breeds and responsible dog owners across the country.


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