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The Canadian Kennel Club is pleased to announce the fifth annual National Responsible Dog Ownership Day* to be held this September.

Events will begin Saturday, September 14, 2013, and culminate in an RDOG Walk across Canada on RDOG DAY - Saturday, September 21, 2013. “Responsible Dog Ownership Groups” (RDOG’S) will rally across Canada to promote, educate and enlighten dog lovers attending our events but, most importantly, we must interact with community members unfamiliar with the valued place our dogs have in Canadian society.

This pro-active CKC initiative is the perfect opportunity for CKC clubs and individual members to introduce our CKC Dog-friendly Educational Guides, created by the CKC Responsible Dog Ownership Committee, to your local community.

Topics for these booklets include: Bite Prevention and Dogs in the Workplace, Children and Safety Around Dogs, Connecting with Your Community, Legal Responsibilities in the Community, Lost Dog and Your Responsibilities in Case of a Bite Incident.

To view the above materials, please login and go to the CKC Resources menu and select Dog-friendly Educational Guides.

For more details, please contact Sonny Allinson, Manager Communications Division at 416-675-5511 Ext. 3317 or

A message from the CKC:

Be responsible...

RDOG’S will love you for it!


* RDOG’s, RDOG’s Day and the National Responsible Dog Ownership Week is a Canadian Kennel Club initiative.

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