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We encourage all dog owners in Canada to join us and other RDOG supporters in the fourth annual National Walk of Support Saturday, September 21, 2013. The National walk is 45 minutes in duration, beginning at 11:00 a.m. local time and returning to your starting destination by 11:45 a.m. to meet and greet the general public. We have lots of information for individual walkers and event organizers available on this website, and it doesn’t matter if you and your dog are walking or your club is organizing a major event; we want you involved. We suggest for the sake of a single-minded message to the public that you review the information we have prepared on what to say about responsible dog ownership when people visit your event or simple want to enjoy petting your dog.

Along with the CKC and many of Canada’s foremost canine related organizations and individuals, there are some surprising and impressive RDOG supporters of this initiative and we are happy to provide access to their information and perspective.

The recognized clubs and thousands of individual members of the CKC work tirelessly year round offering approximately 3,000 events a year with nearly 300,000 entries. These same individuals and clubs contribute to their communities through their outreach programs and events. Responsible dog ownership is a year round concern and the same individuals and clubs holding dog shows extend themselves educating the public at every possible opportunity. Attending a local dog show during RDOG Week is another way you as an individual or as a group can show your support for responsible dog ownership.

A message from the CKC: be responsible - your dog will love you for it!

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