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Our new corporate partners deliver more exciting, value-added incentives for members.

There are many, many good reasons for becoming a member of the Canadian Kennel Club. Included in that reasoning are a variety of incentives, such as significant discounts on CKC services and products; a pre-established member account with line of credit; access to exclusive members-only content on our website and more.

Now, about that more...We are very excited to announce that the CKC has added a whole host of new corporate partners, including well-known and respected corporate brands like Motel 6, Invisible Fence® Brand, Enterprise and National Car Rentals.  And, with these partnerships comes a whole new suite of valuable incentives and savings that can make your CKC membership really work for you. Plus, insurance provider, BFL Canada has created some very exciting insurance offerings. 

To learn more about our corporate partners just click on their logo in the column at left.

New partnerships and incentives are just part of the story, because membership in the CKC has always offered great value. Now there are two regular category memberships: Basic and Premier. The Basic Membership ($50.00) offers the traditional components of the 2010 primary membership and the new Premier ($100) membership is designed to cater to the breeding community. The basic components of each are listed below.

Interested in becoming a member? You can fill out and email a membership application on-line here. If you have further questions or wish to receive a membership application form in the mail call the Order Desk at 1-800 250-8040 or our Membership Team at (416) 674-3699 or 1-855-DOGS CKC (1-855-364-7252).

Basic Membership - $50

  • Personalized membership card
  • Voting privileges (based on eligibility requirements under the By-laws)
  • Discounts on Club services and selected products
  • Member Credit Account - a pre-established Canadian Kennel Club line of credit\
  • Access to Kennel and Bench On-line, the official Canadian Kennel Club publication
  • Subscription to the CKC monthly email newsletter "The Bulletin"
  • Access to all Canadian Kennel Club value added programs (i.e. Motel 6 and Enterprise Rent-A-Car discounts, special rates on insurance programs from BFL Canada)
  • Ability to participate in Canadian Kennel Club Membership Sales Rewards Program

Premier Membership - $100

  • All the benefits offered in the Basic Membership
  • FREE advertising listings within a new component of ( for registered litters
  • 20% OFF all CKC Breeder Education Courses
  • Guaranteed delivery of CKC registration services within 10 working days

Life Membership
Life membership is attained through 30 years of continuous CKC membership. CKC Life Members are entitled to all of the privileges and benefits included in the Basic Membership.

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