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Canaan Dog

General Appearance
A medium sized, well balanced, strong and square dog resembling the wild dog type. Strong distinction between the sexes.

Well proportioned, blunt wedge shape of medium length, appearing broader due to low set ears. Skull somewhat flattened. Some width allowed in powerful male heads. Stop shallow but defined. Muzzle sturdy, of moderate length and breadth. Jaws should be strong. Lips tight. Nose black. Ears erect, relatively short and broad, slightly
rounded at the tip and set low. Eyes dark brown, slightly slanted, almond shaped. Dark rims essential. Mouth full dentition with scissors or level bite.

Muscular, of medium length.

Square, withers well developed, back level, loins muscular, chest deep and of moderate breadth, ribs well sprung. Belly well tucked up. Moderate angulation. Balance is essential.

The shoulder should be oblique and muscular, elbows close to the body. Forelegs perfectly straight.

Powerful, well bent stifles. Hocks well let down. Strong buttocks, lightly feathered.

Strong, round and catlike with hard pads.

Set high, thick brush carried curled over the back.

Outer coat dense, harsh and straight, of short to medium length. Undercoat close and profuse.

Sand to red-brown, white, black, or spotted with or without mask. If masked, mask must be symmetrical. Black mask permitted on all colours. White markings are permitted on all colours; ?Boston Terrier? patterns are common.

Grey, brindle, black-and-tan, or tricolour are unacceptable. Desert colours and gold, red, cream are most typical of the breed.

Weight and Size
Height 50-60 cm, males may be considerably larger than females. Weight 18-25 kg.

Quick, light and energetic trot. Should demonstrate marked agility and stamina. Correct movement is essential.

Alert, quick to react, distrustful of strangers, strongly defensive but not naturally aggressive. Vigilant not only against man but other animals as well. Extraordinarily devoted and amenable to training.

All deviations from the standard of the breed. All faults in body structure which constitute a deviation from the norm of a well built dog; anything that would detract from his potential for survival as a desert animal.

Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

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