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Entlebucher Mountain Dog

A Swiss breed.

General Appearance
This is a smaller than average dog, well proportioned in every way. Very mobile and nimble with a friendly and intelligent look. A good guardian and herder of cattle; a faithful and incorruptible guard dog and

40 - 50 cm at the shoulder.

Well-proportioned to the rest of the body. Flattened forehead with a slight stop. The jaw is powerful and well shaped. The muzzle clearly detaches itself from the forehead and from the cheeks. Cheeks are not very well developed. The eyes are rather small, brown, alert. The nose is black. The ears are of medium size and set high. The ear is rounded at the bottom, pendulous and set close to the head. As with all Swiss mountain dogs, the ear is turned slightly towards the front when the dog is alert.

Short and compact, connected to the body without transition.

Fairly stretched out, giving the dog the general appearance of being longer than he is tall. The chest is deep and broad. The back is straight and strong.

The shoulder is long and oblique. The legs are straight and sturdy; hocks at right angles. Feet round and tight. Dewclaws are undesirable.

The tail is blunt from birth.

The coat is similar to that of all Swiss mountain dogs: black with markings varying from yellow to rusty-brown over the eyes, on cheeks and on all four feet. Symmetrical white markings on the head (blaze), on the neck, on the chest and on the feet are also viewed positively; yellow or brown colouring must then be situated between the black and the white areas.

Particular faults
A rounded superior part of the head, light coloured eyes; an elongated, fine or curved muzzle; a muzzle that is overshot or undershot. Pointed, short, detached or poorly set ears. Splayed toes. Inappropriate colours or too much white colour. Hair too long or too soft.

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