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Greenland Dog

General Appearance
The Greenland Dog is a very strong polar spitz, built for endurance at strenuous work as a sledge dog under Arctic conditions.

Skull broad and slightly domed. Stop pronounced but not abrupt. Muzzle wedge-shaped and strong, broad at the root and tapering to the nose, but not pointed. Bridge of nose should be straight and broad from set-on to nose, which in summertime should be dark, but during winter, may be flesh coloured. Lips thin and close fitting to extremely strong teeth. Scissors bite. Eyes: Dark for preference but may correspond to colour of coat. Set slightly obliquely, neither prominent nor too deep. Expression frank and fearless. Ears: Rather small, triangular and rounded at tips, carried firmly erect.

Very strong and rather short.

Height at withers slightly less than length of body. The body should be very strong and well-muscled. Chest very capacious; back straight; loins straight and broad; croup slightly sloping; belly in line with brisket, not tucked up.

Frontlegs perfectly straight when seen from the front, strong muscles and heavy bone. Elbows free, but close to body. Hindlegs perfectly straight when seen from behind; slightly angulated. Hocks broad and strong. Strong muscles and heavy bone. Feet rather big, strong and rounded with strong claws and pads.

Thick and rather short, set on high and carried firmly rolled over back.

The coat should be double i.e. a soft, dense undercoat and an outer coat consisting of dense, straight, coarse hair without curls or wave. On head and legs, the coat is rather short, on the body rather long, and abundant and long on underside of tail giving it a bushy appearance.

All colours, solid and particolours, are permitted and equal, except albinos which should be disqualified.

Height at withers: 60 cms and upwards for dogs, for Bitches 55 cms and upwards.

Disqualifications, Albinos

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