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 CKC Breed Standards

General Appearance
The over-all picture should be that of an agile, versatile hunting dog with sufficient height, standing over plenty of ground. The dog should look powerful, taut with grace and nobility.

His character should indicate enthusiasm for work, keenness, spark, and strong nerves.

Coat and Colour
Coat dense and hard, rather tight to the body with fine woolly undercoat. Medium long. Dark liver to autumn leaves. Black only where dogs carry concentrated Pointer blood. Inconspicuous small white marks (chest and paws) are permitted.

Long and wide, harmonically balanced muzzle and forehead. Well-developed beard and eyebrows. Eyes rather large, agile, dark amber, well-closed eyelids. Open eyelids disqualify dogs for breeding purposes. Ears medium size, close to head, slightly turned forward, not fleshy or houndy, rather pointed than round, and well covered with protecting hair.

Medium long, well muscled and arched.

Shoulder close to the body, well covered with muscles. Shoulder and upper arm with plenty of angulation creating a long stride. Elbow located well back off brisket neither turned in nor outwards. Forearm straight; dry, clear lines and bones; well covered with hard protecting hair.

Chest wide, very deep, ribs rather barrel round. Short, strong loins and croup wide with well-developed muscles. Tail in line with croup, not carried upwards.

Upper and lower thigh well angulated, lower thigh long with backward slope towards hock joint. Bone from hock to pad absolutely straight. Paws round, closed, with hard pad. Hairs on and between paws not long.

Rather thin carried level, no feathering but covered with hard dense hair, docked like other versatile gun dog breeds.

Long, soft, open hair that does not fit close to the body, as well as short, mousy hair without beard.

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