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 CKC Breed Standards

General Appearance
Expression must suggest the Chinese origin of the Pekingese in its quaintness and individuality, resemblance to the lion in directness and independence and should imply courage, boldness, self-esteem and combativeness rather than prettiness, daintiness, or delicacy.

Being a toy dog, medium size preferred, providing type and points are not sacrificed; extreme limit 14 lb. (6 kg).

Coat and Colour
Coat long, with thick undercoat, straight and flat, not curly nor wavy, rather coarse, but soft; feather on thighs, legs, tail, and toes long and profuse. Mane profuse, extending beyond the shoulder blades, forming ruff or frill round the neck. All colours are allowable. Red, fawn, black, black and tan, sable, brindle, white and particolour well defined: black masks and spectacles around the eyes, with lines to ears are desirable. The colouring of a particoloured dog must be broken on the body. No large portion of any one colour should exist. White should be shown on the saddle. A dog of any solid colour with white feet and chest is not a particolour.

Skull massive, broad, wide and flat between the ears (not dome shaped), wide between the eyes. Stop deep. Muzzle wrinkled, very short and broad, not overshot nor pointed. Strong, broad underjaw, teeth not to show. Nose black, broad, very short and flat. Eyes large, dark, prominent, round, lustrous. Ears heart shaped, not set too high, leather never long enough to come below the muzzle, nor carried erect, but rather drooping, long feather.

Firm at shoulder, bones of forearm bowed, short forelegs.

Back level. Not too long in body; allowance made for longer body in bitch. Heavy in front, well-sprung ribs, broad chest, falling away lighter behind, lion-like.

Hind legs lighter than forelegs but firm and well shaped. Feet flat, toes turned out, not round, should stand well up on feet, not on ankles.

Set high; lying well over back to either side; long, profuse, straight feather.

Fearless, free and strong, with slight roll.
Protruding tongue, badly blemished eye, overshot, wry mouth.

Weight over 14 lb. (6 kg); Dudley nose.
Scale of Points
Expression. 5
Skull 10
Nose 5
Eyes. 5
Stop. 5
Ears. 5
Muzzle. 5
Shape of body 15
Legs and feet. 15
Coat, feather, and condition 15
Tail 5
Action 10

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