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Curly-Coated Retriever

General Appearance
A strong, smart, upstanding dog, showing activity, endurance and intelligence.

Coat and Colour
Coat should be one mass of crisp curls all over - a slightly more open coat not to be severely penalized. A prominent white patch on breast is undesirable, but a few white hairs allowed in an otherwise good dog. Colour: black or liver.

Long and well proportioned, skull not too flat. Jaws long and strong but not inclined to snipiness. Nose black, in the black-coated variety, with wide nostrils. Teeth strong and level. Eyes black or brown, but not yellow, rather large but not too prominent. Ears rather small, set on low, lying close to the head, and covered with short curls.

Shoulders should be very deep, muscular, and obliquely placed. Legs should be of moderate length, forelegs straight and set well under the body.

Chest not too wide, but decidedly deep. Body rather short, muscular, and well ribbed up. Loin powerful, deep, and firm to the grasp.

Quarters strong and muscular, hocks low to the ground with moderate bend to stifle and hock. Feet round and compact with well-arched toes.

Should be moderately short, carried fairly straight and covered with curls, slightly tapering towards the point.

A saddle back or patch of uncurled hair behind the shoulder should be penalized

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