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 CKC Breed Standards
Blue Picardy Spaniel

General Appearance

This dog is close to the ground, well built for work. General aspect much like that of the Picardy Spaniel.



57-60 cm at the withers for males, a little shorter for females.


Coat and Colour

Hair is flat, or slightly wavy, mottled grey black in colour giving it a bluish tinge with back spots. Good feathering on limbs and tail.


Head and Skull

Nose large and well open. Muzzle long and sufficiently wide. Lips chops large and well let down, forming a square muzzle. Stop moderately accentuated but marked. Skull oval, relatively large without bulging parietal bones, occipital bone slightly apparent. Eyes calm expression, dark, large, well open. Ears must be set on a little above the line of the eye, rather thick, framing the face, covered with silky wavy hair; when stretched lengthwise, it must reach the tip of the nose. Neck  well set into the shoulders. A very slight dewlap is allowed.



Chest moderately deep. Ribs well sprung and descending to the elbows. Back and loin not too long, well held together. Croup slightly falling away.



Shoulders and arms slightly sloping. Upper arms strong and muscular. Feet round, a little large but not flat, well covered with hair between tight fingers.



Thighs muscular. Lower shanks long and well feathered. Hocks angulated without exaggeration and well feathered from the hock joint to the foot. Feet round, a little large but not flat, well covered with hair between tight toes. Tail not much longer than the hock joint, never hooked.



Skull too narrow, not chiseled enough. Muzzle pointed. Eyes light, too small. Ears short, set on too high, too thin. Feet flat, splayed or too large. Chest ribs too flat or too round.



Male subjects must have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.


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