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Name of Breeder: ROB WHITE


Location: Hamilton, ON

Member Since: 1/9/2012

Phone: display phone number

Welcome to CCE, examine the information below, for your consideration of adopting one of our puppies. View the Kennel video ▶️ YouTube Channel ⬇️ Facebook ⬇️ Instagram ⬇️ Website ▶️ ❤️Breeding Rites Available❤️ WHAT MAKES CCE SUPERIOR: Quality control of our dogs, breed knowledge, support and training is what separates Cane Corso Excellence from the other breeders. Having every reproducing adult health tested and certified to the highest standard, as well as being the only Cane Corso breeder In Canada to have attained the ⭐️Bred with H.E.A.R.T. ❤️ certification. We have an extensive knowledge of the Cane Corso breed, having been involved with the breed since 2004. We live with and work our dogs daily on our country farm, with a variety of agility, obedience, swimming and interspecies interaction. Our whole family spends time daily with all of our dogs, as we believe in properly socializing our pups, up to, and throughout adulthood. As the Cane Corso breed becomes increasingly more popular it is important for you to ⏩ throughly research the breeder, the bloodlines, longevity of dogs, the health and mental stability of the sire and the dam, as well as their reproduction records (which can only been known by the breeder over time, through litters produced). Not all Corso’s and breeders are created equal. ⭐️ Be sure to ask to see all health testing results that have been done on the parents (PennHIP and OFA) Hip Evaluation, Elbow Evaluation, Cardiac Exam as well as any confirmation titles that have been acquired in show ring. A preservation breeder is more of a curator for a living museum. The breeder preserves and protects the breed as its original architect designed it to be. The breeder breeds the best specimens who meet the standard of perfection in order to pass along its purpose and history for future generations to enjoy. The educated breeder understands that purebreds did not come easily into our lives and once gone will never come back to us as we know them today. Right now we are not so lucky to be in Canada and USA where we used to have the freedom to enjoy our purebreds where veterinarian and client work together for the betterment of the dog and not cower to radical beliefs. As a preservation breeder I have invested my life for the last 16 years to moving the breed in the right direction for correct health, temperament & type, as well as, educating my owners on how to handle, work and train their Cane Corso correctly for stability. Many years have been spent, being mentored and looking at pedigrees and speaking to breeders throughout Europe and the USA. I make a commitment ❤️ to every puppy born in my kennel that I am there for support and guidance for the lifetime of the dog. I do my best to make compatible placements based on the individual family needs. If for any reason a successful placement is not achieved or life circumstances change, the dog always has a home at CCE. Potential Cane Corso puppy owners are welcomed and encouraged to visit, inspect and inquire. We live on a 30 acre farm, with many dogs on-site, for you to see and interact with; some selected from some of the best foundation breeders throughout Europe and the USA. After visiting us here, you will realize that we take breeding, healthy, stable minded Cane Corso’s very serious, as it is a full time labor of love for us. CCE is unequivocally the one place you will feel comfortable and excited about getting a healthy traditional purebred Cane Corso from. With the proper guidance and training program we have in place, our success rate is at the top and there are many that can attest to this. Puppies come from registered, health tested parents whose orthopedics have been certified, I offer a health guarantee & lifetime warranty, with a replacement pup for any life altering genetic and neurologic abnormalities not limited to, but including epilepsy. Pups will be registered, chipped, dewormed and 1st vaccinations will be done, rear dew claws removed, tail docked and ears cropped all INCLUDED in our offer. Puppies will be vet checked before leaving to approved homes. Puppies are acclimatized to kibble and a raw diet before leaving for their new forever homes. CKC ICCF reg AKC ✅ At CCE we offer a variety of training to meet the needs of owners and pups. In fact, we encourage the whole family to come and be involved with the dog’s training. After all, the dog is a part of the family ❤️. We will work in a safe controlled area to help you and your Cane Corso succeed, with 1 hour of Basic Obedience, followed by 1 hour free time to socialize, Q/A as well. ❗️Training ❗️ The idea of training a dog is not an optional extra that you either decide to do or don’t. You have an obligation to train the dog! If you fail in your obligation to train your dog and keep it under control, then you have just bought yourself a legal liability that is basically a ticking time bomb that you have made through your neglect. Every dog owner gets the dog they deserve. Sadly many dogs get owners that fail them miserably. Why even have a dog if you are not going to train it? One of the absolute joys of dog ownership is training it. Training gets the dog under control, multiplies the strength of the bond between you and the dog, becomes a source of great pride and the dog becomes an outstanding companion. An untrained dog quickly becomes a liability, legally, financially and behaviourally. ✅ “Owners who attended classes with their puppies provided those puppies with more socialization opportunities than owners who did not attend and also indicated more favorable responses to managing signs of fear in their puppies and to disciplining them. This highlights the need for breeders, veterinarians and other animal care professionals to educate puppy owners about the importance of early puppy socialization, socialization classes, and positive reinforcement–based training and assist puppy owners in accessing reliable resources for this information.” A good read I found on the weekend. It's all in the pedigree. As a well respected 1940's breeder Dr. Williams Jacob said, "Whatever is in the pedigree will come out. Nothing else can." Many believe it is unnecessary to know or research the pedigrees of dogs they purchase for breeding stock, companions or pets. However, much can be learned about a prospective puppy or dog, prior to purchase, from its ancestry. Breeding dogs is an art, not a precise science. Knowing as much as possible about the a dog's pedigree and ancestors can provide valuable information about the genetic foundation a new puppy will be built from, how a dog will mature, and what traits it will pass on to it's offspring when bred. Physical and temperamental traits are passed from generation to generation, and while it is easy to recognize the importance of having good photographs or doing a physical evaluation when considering a new puppy, a consistent and well bred pedigree is equally (or even more) important to show that the puppy has a stable and consistent strong genetic foundation as well as good temperament, conformation, type, and drive. Without solid pedigree information about the strong and weak points of a generic dog's pedigree, it is much more difficult to assess the quality of the dog or the type they will produce when bred. With the rising popularity of the Cane Corso breed in Canada and the US, the breeding of *generic* Cane Corsos is a fast growing nightmare that is quickly doing serious damage to our breed. Increasing numbers of *generic* Cane Corso breeders, are polluting our breed by producing large numbers of poorly bred dogs of inferior quality , with serious health issues and unstable aggressive temperaments. These generics are sold to anyone with cash, with no care of concern for carefully screened suitable homes. As a result they are ending up in the wrong hands for the wrong reasons, growing up untrained and unsocialized, being trained to be aggressive, becoming bite-statistics, flooding rescues, abandoned and dying in shelters and pounds, and creating many a negative smear on the good name of a well bred Cane Corso. This is not to say that a generic Corso is any less loved, or less deserving of a great home and a happy life, they are simply the innocent offspring of a serious problem that needs to be recognized and quelled by those breeders and buyers who actually care about these dogs, for the future of our breed. All dogs come from breeders. Dogs don't come from shelters, pet adoption websites, newspaper ads, or surprised next-door neighbors. Puppies arrive in this world because a person ✅ planned - or ❌didn't plan - for the production/prevention of a litter of puppies. The amount of planning and responsibility varies wildly, but a human is behind every puppy that comes into the world. Please think about it Fewer than 1 in 5 puppies are born under circumstances where the breeder planned for the pregnancy, whelped and raised the puppies, registered them, placed them in responsible homes, and ultimately took responsibility for their welfare. A fraction of these purebred puppies are born to preservation breeders - breeders committed to preserving and improving the qualities of a breed they love. Purebred dogs are not just a luxury. They are National Heritage. When I see an American Foxhound, I think of president George Washington and his creation of the breed; one of this dog's ancestors sat at George Washington's feet! When I see an Akita, I think of the Japanese values and traditions that have led to the development of such a magnificent dog. How incredibly American is the ingenuity behind the Boston Terrier? Every breed is the living embodiment of a national story of people, times, culture, and values. Losing a breed is a tragic loss. Preservation breeders look after their puppies for life. If you walk into a shelter, finding a puppy from one is rarer than hens' teeth. Preservation breeders take puppies back if they are not wanted because they were and are loved by the people who put so much effort into their creation. The purebred dogs that are there - often "pitbulls" and "Chihuahuas" - are commonly misidentified and carelessly brought into the world. Many preservation breeders and their breeds are part of Rescue organizations which make sure dogs of their breed don't go through shelter programs in the event they need to be re-homed. Purebred dogs, the CKC, AKC, and preservation breeders are highly visible and there is a horrible problem with unwanted dogs being euthanized and mistreated. The problem, however, is not caused by breeders who passionately work to preserve breed history, national heritage, and a 15,000 year-old craft. Neither is the problem with clubs and individuals committed to purebred dogs. The problem is with the breeders you don't see who fail to take even a modicum of responsibility for their role in bringing puppies into the world. It's easy to put a spotlight on the CKC, AKC and purebred dog breeders. They are someone we can point to and blame for a problem that lies much deeper in our society and the vindication can feel so good when we blame them. Yes, purebred dogs have some bad actors that need to be addressed. However, the vast, vast majority of dogs born in the Canada and United States come from individuals that take almost no responsibility for what they have done as a breeder. I wish we would make efforts to hold them to account for the horror of mass euthanasia of man's best friend. In the meantime, individuals like you and me can take action. Encourage friends and family not to produce puppies if they don't have a plan that commits to their future well-being.

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