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New Updates:
Release 6.0- July 20, 2020
Live Chat on the Portal
Live Chat is now available on both the CKC Portal and
Litter date of birth displaying correctly 
An issue causing the litter date of birth and date of mating to be displayed incorrectly by one day for those using a Safari browser has been resolved. 
Transfer of Ownership consent emails
Automatic emails have been turned off requiring consent from a new owner on a stand-alone transfer of ownership application. 
Microchips 992x are now supported 
This release gives members the ability to register microchip numbers that start with 992x. 
Dogs displaying twice 
An issue causing the same dog to appear twice in the My Dogs list on the CKC Portal has been resolved. 
Tattoo series on a Dog Registration
This release gives members the ability to register a dog online with a tattoo series that has already been used to register a dog over 20 years ago. 
Mailing date added to My Orders
The date a certificate of registration was mailed has been added on the My Orders page on the CKC Portal. 

Past Releases:

April 22, 2020 – Release 5.0  
Online Transfer of Ownership Applications
The release of the online Transfer of Ownership Application in early March gives portal users the ability to submit all requests for transfers of ownership online. The online form can be found on the Applications pageon the Portal. 
Request Pedigrees Online 
This release gives Portal users the ability to request pedigrees online. The online form can be found on the Applications page on the Portal.
Streamlined Online Foreign-Dog Applications 
A change was implemented to the online dog registration application that combined the USA and Foreign Dog options under a new “Outside of Canada” option. This fix helped streamline all foreign-dog applications and limit confusion when registering a foreign-born dog imported into Canada. 
Improved Instructions at the top of all online applications
Instructions at the top of the online Litter Registration, Dog Registration and Transfer of Ownership Applications have been improved to provide clarity on required supporting documentation to finalize online applications. 
My Applications Page 
My Applications page on the Portal was launched, which clearly defines each application status and  provides a detailed list of all applications submitted and the name of each dog associated with each application number. This list is sorted by dog-related applications, litter-related applications and other.  
Kennel Names Displaying Correctly 
The issue that prevented a complete list of permanent and reserved kennel names from being displayed has been resolved. These can be viewed on the Kennel Names page on the Portal located under the “Resources” tab in the blue menu header.

January 20, 2020 - Release 4.0 

Birthdates Displaying Correctly
The issue causing birthdates to be displayed incorrectly by one day on the portal has been resolved. All dog birthdate(s) were always correct in CKC’s main IT system, even though they appeared one day off when you logged into your online portal account. This update was implemented system wide. 
Consent Emails
The issue requiring foreign breeders and other past owners to provide consent to a registration application when they are no longer an owner has been resolved. This email is no longer being sent. 
Dog and Litter Registration Emails requesting consent from owners or co-owners have been improved to ensure a simplified process. 


January 7, 2020 - Release 3.0

Improved dog & litter application emails
Once an application is submitted in the online portal, an automatic email will confirm a successful application submission and now includes details of the dog/litter registered for your records.

Dog Email EN

New Owner - email addresses no longer required
When a dog is transferred to a new owner, email addresses are no longer required for the new owners.

New owner emails
Automatic emails to new puppy/dog owners to consent to dog registrations and to join the CKC Portal have been turned off.

Members can manually enter addresses
To ensure accuracy, the CKC Portal uses the Canada Post database to autofill and update address information. This release gives members the ability to override the Canada Post address should their data in Canada Posts’ database be incomplete or incorrect.

Manually Enter - EN

Microchips 900x and 990x are now supported
This release gives members the ability to register 900x and 990x microchip numbers.

December 30, 2019 - Release 2.0

Online Litter Registrations
This release gives members the ability to submit all litters for registration on the portal, including those with CKC Registered Sires, Foreign Registered Sires, Multiple Sires and Artificially Inseminated litters. 

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