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The IT4YOU project originated in 2015 from a need to replace CKC’s outdated, 30-year-old computer system that manages all membership, registration and event information.

To guide and oversee this project, the Board established the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Steering Committee in March 2015. 

The Adhoc IT4YOU (ERP) Steering Committee consists of six members including: 
  • A member of the Board
  • The chair of the Audit Committee
  • A member of the Communications Committee
  • Two from the general membership with working knowledge of project management and information technology
  • A staff liaison and project manager
IT4YOU (ERP) Steering Committee Terms of Reference

IT4YOU Steering Committee: Team Members

Peter Laventhall-Wolfish

I have been a CKC member since 1983. In 2015 I was elected to the Board of Directors and currently I am the Chair of the IT4YOU Committee and the Strategic Planning Committee.

Outside of the CKC, I am a business professional with over 10 years experience in the field of technology. My expertise includes strategic planning and execution, business development and customer relationship management. My educational background includes a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA.

As Chair of the IT4YOU committee I am tasked with providing support and guidance to CKC staff in order to successfully deliver this new computer system, which will ultimately redefine how our membership interacts with the club.

Roger Bannister

I have more than 35 years of direct experience in sales, operations, business development, marketing, process improvement, channel development and management in both front line and managerial roles with local, national, and global responsibilities.
I am a Business and Operations professional with extensive experience in business organization, process and metrics development, reporting and analysis, excellent communicator skills, and extensive experience with change management. I also have extensive Market experience and skills in sales operations, strategic planning, team building, forecasting, process improvement, leadership, business planning, negotiation, and analysis.
My extensive knowledge of the technologies and tools surrounding CRM/ERP development, implementation and utilization has enabled me to assist the committee.

Donna Lee

I am a seasoned professional with a specialized Masters Degree in Project Management and more than 20 years work experience. The challenges I have enjoyed include: project framework structures and processes, cost-benefit analysis, benefits realization, process engineering, employee training and change management.

Currently, I am responsible for program management and business operations for a fast-growing, start-up organization. In this role, I have been able to benefit from my extensive and varied experiences running company operations.

Thanks to my membership in the CKC, I have been privileged to be included in a uniquely supportive community, while sharing a common interest in dog performance sports.

Murray Botterill

Professionally, I am a Chartered Professional Accountant / Certified Management Accountant. I joined the Canadian Kennel Club in 2011. In 2012, I was appointed to the Canadian Kennel Club Audit Committee. I have had the Chairmanship of the Audit since 2012. I am serving my second 3 year term as a member of the Audit Committee.

I represent the Audit Committee on the IT4YOU Committee. I bring 30 plus years internal audit experience to my role as a member of the IT4YOU Steering Committee. My role is one of general oversight, risk management, and financial advice/consultation throughout the research and implementation process of the IT4YOU project.

Andrew McCallister

I have 19 years of experience in project management. Key accomplishments include the implementation of an ERP system, launch of a hosted online store, replacement of a corporate website, and creating online communities.
Purebred dogs have been part of my life since the age of two when my parents purchased their first Westie and later two Dandie Dinmonts.  The Dandies warmed their way into my life and my wife and I are now proud owners of our second Dandie Chloe. I have been a member of the Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club of Canada for fifteen years and I am the editor and designer of the yearly magazine Toplines. 

Project FAQs

Q. Why is CKC replacing its IT system? 
A: The IT system upon which CKC is currently dependent to collect, create, store, process, and distribute ALL membership, registration, and event information, was developed and implemented in the 1980s. This computer system houses over 45 million integrated data records spanning decades of CKC business, and has been in place since CKC first computerized its registration processes in the 1980s.
Over the years CKC has worked to adapt this system to keep up with the growing demands of our business and fancy, but we have reached a point at which this system no longer meets the requirements of CKC’s daily needs, nor is it able to facilitate our vision of future CKC member needs. In July members experienced an example of the limitations of our old system when the online member registration portal experienced irreparable issues, requiring it to be taken offline until it is replaced by the new IT system.
In order to continue to ensure the integrity and accuracy of our registry, and the information members and the public expect CKC to provide, replacing CKC’s old IT system is required.  
While the public facing website will remain unchanged, the core system that processes and tracks dog registration, event results, and houses member information will be completely replaced.

Q. What is the scope and overall timeline of this project? 
A: In 2015, CKC staff and Board Members engaged in conversations with CKC members across the country to determine what our members wanted in a new system. This feedback informed the guiding principles for the project. Staff met with Kennel Clubs around the world, including the AKC, to learn from their experiences and explore options for how CKC’s business could be served by a new IT system. CKC’s analysis determined that other Kennel Club solutions did not align with CKC needs, business model or budget. The IT4YOU (ERP) Steering Committee was struck to guide and oversee the project. Progress continued, and in 2016 the Board of Directors, in consultation with staff, selected a vendor. A project plan was drafted that included predicted launch dates, and meetings with stakeholders continued.
Early development on the new system began in late 2016, with a primary focus on the vendor learning the intricacies of CKC’s business. Throughout 2017, the vendor and CKC staff began a complete overhaul of CKC’s operating system and by mid-2018 it was determined that the initial launch date predicted for late 2018 would not be met due to CKC’s expansive and complex business requirements, and the limitations of the old system we are replacing. The project plan was revisited and adjusted for a new launch date of Fall 2019.
Since its inception, work has continued at a steady pace on the IT4YOU project, and CKC is looking forward to sharing this new system with our membership. 
This project has been a significant undertaking for a small organization like CKC, affecting the timeframe. The last time CKC undertook an IT project of this magnitude was when CKC computerized its processes in the 1980’s, moving from a paper-based system to a computerized system.

Q: Why will implementing the new system require a three-week system outage? 
A: Completely replacing CKC’s IT system has required adjustments to CKC’s business processes and functions. Most functions and processes have been in place for 30 plus years and were developed within the confines of CKC’s current systems limitations. This has been a significant undertaking, requiring a system outage as a transition period for staff and the vendor.
Based on the recommendation of experts and the experience of test data runs performed, it was determined that a three-week system outage would be required in order to facilitate the transfer of over 45 million integrated data records and all associated business rules. Due to the interconnectedness of the data housed in our current system, the successful migration of this data is a critical part of the outage period.

Q: How much has the Board been involved in the process?
A: From day one, this project has required strong communication and consultation between all involved parties, including the vendor, CKC Staff and the Board of Directors, and an expert advisory committee consisting of CKC members from across the country. All were heavily involved in the initial conversations and stakeholder consultations at the beginning of the project, and in consultation with staff, selected the vendor for the project. During the development process the Board has received regular updates and have monitored all progress, consulting with CKC Staff and authorizing major decisions.

Q: Why did we continue to use the same development team when the project experienced set-backs that impacted the timeline in 2018? 
A: Mid-2018, in consultation with the vendor, it was determined that the initial launch date predicted in 2018 would not be met. This was due to several factors, not limited to CKC’s expansive and complex business requirements and the rigidity of the initial proposed timeline to complete project milestones. A thorough risk assessment of the project’s status and plan was conducted, including consideration of the vendor. The risk assessment indicated that it was in CKC’s best interest to revisit the original project plan, and keeping with the same vendor, adjust for a new launch date of late-Fall 2019. 

Q: Have delays to the timeline resulted in an increased cost for this project? 
A: As part of the project plan, the original budget was always considered to be an estimate.
As needs have evolved, the budget has evolved accordingly – always controlled and authorized by the Board of Directors.

Q: Will I incur unnecessary fees as a result of the outage?
A: Increased processing times as a result of the IT system outage will not result in increased fees for our members. Registration Service Fees and Shows & Trials Fees will continue to be calculated based on the date applications are received by CKC (according to CKC’s Schedule of Fees). In addition, the fee schedule for registration services for members will be temporarily reduced by 20% for dog and litter applications, and transfer of ownership applications not processed by October 11. This price reduction will remain in place until the backlog of applications returns to reasonable turnaround levels.
If you have any questions or concerns about how the outage might affect your Registration Applications you can contact Membership Services at 416-675-5511 or 1-855-364-7252 (toll-free).
If you have any concerns about how that this outage might affect listing fees you can contact the Shows & Trials division at 416-675-5511 or 1-855-364-7252 (toll-free).

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