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Q. What are Rules of Eligibility?
Rules of Eligibility are a requirement for CKC, under the Animal Pedigree Act, to establish up to ten broad and key traits for each breed for registration considerations.  This is a positive step taken by the CKC, working closely with Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), for the benefit of purebred dogs and their breeders. 
Q. Are the national breed clubs consulted during the production of a breed’s ROE?
Yes; input and consultation is sought from the accredited national breed clubs

Q. What if I disagree with the Rules of Eligibility as stated in the Referendums?
Rules of Eligibility are meant to establish broad and key traits for each breed for registration considerations.  Please keep in mind that they have been accepted by the majority of the ROE breed’s breeders, that they will not be used for conformation assessments and have no relation to the Breed Standard.
Q. Will the Rules of Eligibility result in changes to the Breed Standard?
A. No; this project is not linked to breed standards.  In simple terms, the Rules of Eligibility have no place in the show ring and have no relation to the Breed Standard.
Q.  Are Rules of Eligibility going to make puppy registration more complicated?
A.  No; by verifying on the Litter Application that the sire and dam are parents of the litter and meet the Rules of Eligibility, the individual puppies will be registered in the usual manner. The puppies will not require separate evaluation.
Q. Will puppies need to be evaluated?
A. No; puppies will not require separate evaluation once the sire and dam, who meet the Rules of Eligibility, are verified as parents of the puppies.
Q.  What section under the Animal Pedigree Act sets out the requirements for Rules of Eligibility?
A.   Under section 15. (1) (k) of the APA we are required to make By-laws establishing rules respecting the eligibility for registration.
Q. What happens if proposed ROE by-law amendments don’t get the required votes in the Referendums?
The creation of the Rules of Eligibility is mandated by the Animal Pedigree Act. In order to pass, a minimum of 25% of members must cast a vote and two thirds must be in favour. If the necessary majority of votes are not received, CKC will seek more input and based on that, adjust and repeat the process until we obtain an affirmative vote.
Q. What are the next steps in the event that members accept Rules of Eligibility presented in the Referendums?
A.  The CKC will then be in a position to present the CKC By-law amendments proposed in the Referendums to Agriculture Canada for approval. Next steps include consultation and creation of Rules of Eligibility for the balance of the Working and Terrier groups in 2018, with Toys and Non-Sporting groups close on their heels.    
Q. I still have some questions or concerns that I’d like answered.
Please send us an email at and we will be pleased to answer your questions and concerns.