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CKC's Board of Directors is comprised of one representative from each of the 12 Zones. Responsible for presenting the concerns and opinions of the constituents in their respective Zones, Zone Directors also have the fiduciary responsibility to:

  • act, at all times, in the best interests of The Canadian Kennel Club as a whole;
  • with complete certainty, be aware of and fully understand all matters relating to the management of the corporation and shall, at all times, be comfortable that they are fully aware of all the facts prior to making any decision on any matter before the Board;
  • continually maintain a level of mutual respect in the performance of their duties, whether those duties being performed are at the table, in their respective zones or in communication with the membership of The Canadian Kennel Club or the general public;
  • respect and accept the decision of the majority and thereafter shall support any decision which is made by the Board as a whole, regardless of their personal opinions and regardless of the manner in which they may have voted at the time.



We are excited to share that the following candidates are confirmed to be running for the 2021 - 2023 CKC Board of Directors:

Zone 1 – Nova Scotia & Newfoundland & Labrador 



Frank MacArthur

My vision as the Zone 1 Director is to continually educate all walks of life with our breeds’ standards, promoting healthy dogs with beautiful temperaments, which is so important, for the breeds to survive. This philosophy, whether through education, public communication and/or club membership, I believe, we can weather the very serious storm in front of us all. 
My formal education includes a Masters in Criminal Justice, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and Psychology, with a strong concentration in psychology relating to human behaviours. Through my education and career, I have developed essential time management, organizational and interpersonal skills. These skills would be a great asset to the Board.
During my 37 years in Golden Retrievers, I’ve served as: chair, Golden Retriever Club of Canada, 2013-2019; president, Maritime Golden Retriever Club; Atlantic director, Golden Retriever Club of Canada; president, Pictou County Kennel Club; and the proud owner of Quyen Kennels. 
My passion for conformation and obedience was the beginning of my enthusiasm. I have newly gained interest in fieldwork as well as rally. The many aspects of the CKC are open to all walks of life. Educating the general public to these events is the future of our continued success and survival. 
Contact me at



Mary Spinelli

I believe that enjoying what you do comes with a responsibility to give back. 
My 40 years’ experience as an owner, exhibitor, breeder and judge have provided me with a broad range of exposure to the many facets of our sport.
My experience as a business owner, member of a non-profit Board and software developer speak to my competence in the fiduciary and management skills required to see our organization through the current situation and beyond.
I’ve held many club positions, including president, director, and newsletter editor of my national breed club. Locally, I am a member of the Dartmouth Kennel Club. I’ve volunteered with area clubs to ring steward, airport judges’ runs and community events.
I’ve derived so much from our sport and my fellow enthusiasts. Now it is time to return some of what I feel I owe the fancy. So, I am asking for your support as I begin my campaign for the position of Director, Zone 1, for Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador.
Please take the time to vote for the many referendum items on the upcoming ballot and please consider voting for me to be your voice at a national level. Thank you.
Contact me at


Zone 2 – PEI & NB


Paul Oslach 

My interest with purebred dogs began over 39 years ago when I bought my first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I have bred dogs and shown in conformation and obedience. Beyond showing, my other roles in the dog fancy included CKC Director, past-president and other executive positions for the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Canada, the Centennial Dog Obedience Club and the president of Trafalgar Dog Sport. I have worked actively to support the clubs and exhibitors in the purebred dog fancy for 12+ years as an obedience representative and my two years on the Board for the CKC. As a life member of the CKC, I am committed to doing all I can to develop and promote a strong purebred dog community in New Brunswick and PEI.
Contact me at



Zone 3 – Quebec


Dominique Firetto

I was born in France and arrived in Canada in 2008 where I obtained my citizenship in 2014. I speak French, English, Spanish and Italian. Trustworthy, outgoing, and solutions-driven, I intend to use my personal and professional life experiences to ensure the sustainability of the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) which, ultimately, belongs to us breeders. I also believe that there is much that can be done to engage the public at large with our association as well as with purebred dogs.

Professional Experience, Involvement and Achievements

I have been a passionate Husky breeder since 1995, first in Europe then in Canada where I made my way to the greater Montreal area. I own Trinacria Kennels with 35 Huskies, and for the last six years have operated a grooming salon and boarding kennel. My dogs have won numerous championships at the national level and in more than 40 countries. I am currently in the process of becoming a CKC Judge and am also the Vice-President of the UECQ (Quebec Dog Breeders Union)
Contact me at


Denis Gros-Louis

It is with great enthusiasm that I am running for election to the CKC Board of Directors, representing Zone 3, Quebec. 
I have been breeding Saint Bernards since 1991 (Napoleo) and Miniature Wire-haired Dachshunds since 2011. I also produced a few German Shepherd litters in the 2000s.
The process of transitioning several CKC services has not met members' expectations. I am committed to doing my part to help the CKC improve its member services, increase membership levels, and diversify the involvement of national clubs.
I believe my management experience will be an asset to the Board of Directors. I occupied senior executive positions at the federal level for over 20 years, am bilingual, and now work as the Executive Director of an association of about 30 First Nations schools. 
I would like to focus on helping existing breeders, mentoring new breeders, and establishing a culture of pride for buyers of purebred dogs. The market for mixed-breed dogs must be stopped. 
I plan to prepare select files of public interest with a committee composed of a variety of interest groups from all disciplines, such as Obedience, Rally, Hunting and Agility.
Contact me at

Zone 4 – Ontario North


Richard Paquette

For almost 50 years I have dedicated myself to purebred dogs, serving on the CKC Board of Directors, national breed clubs and all-breed kennel and obedience clubs. I have travelled extensively throughout Zone 4, meeting with members to discuss ideas and the problems faced by breeders, exhibitors and clubs. These discussions have informed realistic policies and solutions at the Board level, having a direct, positive impact.
I am proud of my record as a CKC Director. The recent challenges with the new IT system have caused frustration and I have worked hard to support those impacted. I have facilitated direct communication with staff and brought discussion and motions to the board, while delivering on my promise to find and implement solutions. I have championed breeder education that supports responsible dog breeding and I intend to continue my leadership role in this area. Our community continues to face external threats. As a trained media spokesperson, I have represented our Club and promoted our dedicated, ethical and responsible members in interviews with media.
As a CKC Board Member and respected member of our community, I will use my influence for the betterment of our Club, supporting members, breeders, junior handlers, exhibitors, clubs and purebred dogs.
Thank you for your support!!!
Contact me at


Kim Ramey-Leblanc

1973 marked the beginning of my purebred dog journey and Snowmist Siberians.
We have been blessed with BIS and Specialty winners, World Winners and numerous champions around the world. Fizzy winning the Group at the 2012 WDS in Salzburg and Chilly finishing #4 in the 2019 Top Dog standings are two of the highlights.
Judging was a natural progression. In 1994 I was approved for my first permit. By 2006 I attained all breed status. Judging at the WDS not once but twice has to be the icing on the cake. Quality judge’s education is a priority for me. Attending quality seminars are critical to learning.
I joined the CKC in 1975. In 2003 a group of directors resigned simultaneously. I stepped up to the plate and won the by-election for Zone 4. I served as a Board Member from 2004-2008. I chaired the Junior Kennel Club Council and Club Relations Committee, and was a member of the Breed Specific Legislation Committee and Purina National committee. I have served as the Chair of the Examining Committee for Zone 4 to this day.
My passion for purebred dogs has not waned. I believe I can honestly represent and support my fellow dog enthusiasts in this challenging, continuously changing world, to better the CKC for all.
Contact me at

Zone 5 – Ontario East



Thomas C. Curley

My name is Thomas Curley and I am running for election in Zone 5 Ontario.
Most of you know me through my involvement in purebred dogs, breeding and exhibiting Collies, Wolfhounds, Pekingese, Poodles, Chihuahuas and professional handling with my wife Diane for 58 years.
I believe in our sport. I know our membership does, as I have listened to so many members, exhibitors, breeders, owners and judges discuss their concerns over what is happening to our sport and the picture it presents to the public.
I believe I would bring well-rounded experience, and astute and sound judgment to the table. I am ready to represent the members of Zone 5 and, if allowed, bring a new view to the Board for my constituents, as I believe the CKC is and should be a member driven organization.
Contact me at



Alistair Sutherland

As your Director, I can offer a comprehensive representative background in many aspects of the fancy; the education and experience to lead within a non-profit organization; and the skills to represent members in Ontario East.


  • Lifetime involvement in purebred dogs including husbandry, conformation, field, obedience, rally, agility and lure coursing.

  • Taught obedience and conformation handling classes; attended, organized and led many dog-related educational events.

  • Successfully bred Gordon Setters for many years under the “Harbinger Reg’d” prefix and Scottish Deerhounds have also been a part of my life for many years.

  • Working towards my application for conformation judging, having had the pleasure of judging many sweepstakes assignments and sanction matches.

  • Member of multiple specialty clubs and all-breed clubs. Served as executive member and show chair of multiple clubs.

With a Masters degree in Administration (Healthcare) and a clinical and management career, I am no stranger to running non-profit organizations, working collaboratively across disciplines and leading and participating in large councils/committees.
I have the experience, education and the people skills to represent each of you while simultaneously working collaboratively with the other directors to act in the best interest of the CKC.
It would be my honour to represent you.
Contact me at



Zone 6 – Ontario West


Michael A. Gelinas

My life in purebred dogs started in 1975. My wife Sandy and I married and joined the Elgin County Kennel Club that same year. I’m also a founding member of the Monarch All-Breed and Thames Valley Doberman Pinscher Clubs. We are breeders of Dobermans and Cavaliers.
As an all-breed Judge, I have travelled around the world to officiate and speak on the Doberman.
As a CKC Life Member we have supported our sport for many years hosting hundreds of all-breed shows, provided training classes, presenting breed seminars.
As the President of Elgin County, we hosted the Purina National in London, Ontario, and have just successfully hosted the first all-breed conformation dog show in Canada since Covid-19 shut us down in March.
In my private life I worked as a salesman, sale manager and later an area manager for one of the largest suppliers of building materials in North America. I am well aware of the challenges of managing staff, budgets and the bottom line. In this capacity I had to possess good negotiating skills. I feel with this experience, I would be an asset to the Board of Directors.
Now retired I have the time to help move the CKC forward.
Contact me at



Peter Scott

My name is Peter Scott. I was an all-breed handler for almost 40 years before retiring last year. I have now begun the judging process, and am CKC licensed for half a group, on permit for the other half. I am also a licensed UKC judge.
I bred Maltese in the 1970s and 1980s. Later I bred Lakeland Terriers and more recently Standard Poodles.
I was a founding member of the Toy Dog Club of Ontario in the mid 1980s. I am currently a member and former director of Non-Sporting Club of Ontario (Club VI). I am also a Life Member of the CKC.
Among my clients are a number who are involved in running clubs, so I am familiar with the issues there.
Contact me at


Zone 7 – Ontario Central


Heather Brennan

I have been involved in the fancy in a number of different ways over the years including breeder, owner handler, ring steward, judge, and show chair for both all-breed and breed specific clubs.
I have sat on the Boards of the Siberian Husky Club of Canada, the German Shorthaired Club of Canada, the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Club of Canada, the Oakville and District Kennel Club and the Aurora and District Kennel Club. I volunteered for the CKC Examining Committee in my zone for several years. 
For the past 15 years, I have been working for TD Bank in a variety of roles in branches and I know the value of good customer service.
I believe in giving back be it by working on shows, volunteering at field events, rescue or judges education. I do what I believe to be right even when it's not the popular thing. I would be honoured to represent you. I look forward to hearing what your biggest concerns with the CKC are and what you would like to see in our future.
Contact me at



Peter Laventhall-Wolfish

As a forth generation dog person, I continuing a family, and personal passion. Born and raised in the dog show environment, I have been involved with dogs to some degree all my life, breeding and exhibiting Miniature and Standard Poodles, and Whippets.

  • CKC Board of Directors for the past 6 years, representing the interests of members in Zone 7, and the interests of all member and all dogs in Canada.

  • CKC member since 1983 – Life Member

  • Conformation Judge: Groups Six, Five, Three, permit for Seven.

  • Served on the following CKC Committees and Councils:

  • IT4YOU (new computer system) Committee - Chair

  • Strategic Planning Committee - Chair

  • Breed Standards Council - Board Liaison

  • Tracking Council - Board Liaison

  • Cropping and Docking Committee – Member

Personal Objectives for the Next Board Term:

  • Help plan and prepare for the new Building Lease, and develop the new Workplace model in support of remote worker strategies

  • See the IT4YOU project through to completion: redefining the CKC members’ experience, providing on-line access to the member registrations, breeding and event records

  • Continue providing Strategic Leadership: strengthen the CKC; grow membership and participation in the sport of Purebred Dogs.

  • Enhance the CKC’s profile: Canada and Internationally.

Contact me at




Marc Ralsky

Born and raised in the Toronto area, my first dog was a Pembroke that taught me consistency and tenacity is what counts! Hard work pays off!

My wife Correen and I have had Siberian Huskies for more than 28 years; I have been a continuous member of the Canadian Kennel Club for 26 years.

Strengths I bring to CKC Board:

  • Nearly 30 years of effective non-profit leadership with charities in sectors such as Animal Welfare and Human Medical Research

  • Volunteer member of several Board of Directors over the past 25 years

  • Committed to the CKC's mission, vision, value statement

  • Dedicated to preserving Purebred Dogs and all they bring to our society

  • Not a CKC judge, my time on the board will be to represent Zone 7 members as your voice with no personal agenda

In my daily work I have learned the effective tactics that organisations need to implement in order to remain viable and relevant in today’s ever-changing landscape.
I describe myself as someone who can aptly bring together diverse groups of people to work collaboratively, with a singular successful outcome. I am a TEAM PLAYER! I AM YOUR BEST CHOICE for Zone 7 - Central Ontario
Contact me at



Zone 8 – Manitoba


Corinne Walker 

I am a lifetime member of the Canadian Kennel Club. I love everything dogs and have been an active participant in a variety of disciplines including conformation, rally, obedience, tracking and sprinter over the years. I was appointed the CKC Director for Zone 8 after the untimely passing of my friend Larry Kereluke in September 2018.
My previous volunteerism with the CKC includes Tracking Council Rep for MB, Rules of Eligibility Committee member and Discipline Committee member over the years.
In my life I have served in the Canadian Armed Forces reserves as a medic, retiring as a Master Warrant Officer to pursue my canine activities after 12 years of service. I also worked in the amateur sport community for 42 years delivering service support for 98 different amateur sport organizations and Sport Manitoba, the governing body.
I have held several positions in dog clubs over the years. I am presently the show secretary for the Manitoba Canine Association and assist other clubs on the prairies in ensuring their shows run smoothly.
I believe that our responsibility as CKC members is to ensure the future of our sport, fair opportunities for members to compete and to always breed for betterment.
Contact me at


Zone 9 – Saskatchewan


David Gilmour 

In 1987 my wife and I purchased our first purebred Boxer puppy and soon after the Zaracon prefix was formed. Our Boxers have participated in and obtained titles/certificates in obedience, agility, herding, lure coursing, and conformation in Canada and the States, including wins/awards at national and regional specialties.
I have taught puppy and obedience classes; participated in obedience trials and conformation shows; taken tracking lessons; joined the Boxer Club of Canada (life member and current President); joined the American Boxer Club (club-approved breed mentor); joined the Prairie Canine Academy (current vice president); performed Show Superintendent duties for the Prairie Canine Academy; performed duties as ring steward for various clubs; and have recently pursued the challenge of becoming a conformation dog show judge. 
As a CKC Board member it has been my privilege to represent Saskatchewan, ensuring the needs specific to Zone 9 are brought forward and incorporated into the overall strategy of The Canadian Kennel Club. During my tenure I have been involved with committees/councils for lure coursing, draft dog, retriever hunt test, and genetics and medical.
Contact me at


Zone 10 – Alberta, NWT & Nunavut


Lee Anne Bateman

I am pleased to introduce myself to Zone 10 members. By profession, I am a writer and editor, now retired, who worked for the Alberta Government for 30 years as a Communications Officer. I am organized, personable, action-oriented and able to communicate clearly, in person and in writing. Some of my key skills include clear communication, problem solving, teamwork, conflict management, creative thinking and effective program management.
As a Life Member of the CKC, I have held positions including Head of Examinations Committee for Alberta, and I am a member of the Observer Report Program. I have also held executive positions for the all-breed and breed clubs that I am and have been associated with. I am passionately in support of continuing education – breed specific, judges’ education and most importantly public information and education. 
I feel that my experience as an exhibitor in conformation, obedience and sled racing events, and as a working member of canine clubs will serve me well in undertaking the responsibilities as a CKC Director. I have devoted much time, effort and energy to this wonderful Sport of Dogs and, if elected, I will serve the CKC and its membership to the best of my ability.
Contact me at


Della Kyncl 

I got my first show dog in the early ’90s and have been showing, trialing and breeding Winauby English Cockers ever since. I sit on multiple boards, but the one I am most proud of is the CKOC, where I have been president and show chair for many years. I work with a great bunch of people within that club and cannot wait to get back to having shows.
My lifelong career was working with persons with disabilities, where in a supervisory position, I was an advocate for the folks I worked with. Now I help with our boarding kennel, which is celebrating 30 years in business. I am dedicated, diligent in my duties and will work hard for our Alberta clubs. I am retired, so I have the time to listen, help and act on any ideas, thoughts and requirements it is going to take to bring our shows success in the future. These are chaotic times and once our world starts up again, we will have to be dedicated to our sport and bring it back with all the success it deserves.
Thank you for the opportunity to represent you within The Canadian Kennel Club
Contact me at




Boyd McIntyre 

As an amateur who trains and handles my own dogs, I have been an active member of the CKC since 1994. My involvement is in working dogs, specifically spaniel field trials and hunt tests as a handler, judge, organizer and volunteer. I have participated in local and national spaniel events in Canada and the U.S. (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Montana, California, Utah, Colorado, and Michigan) and recently served a term as a Spaniel Council representative for Zone 10. I have also been involved with the inception and implementation of hunt tests and amateur all age stakes for spaniels. I proposed and lobbied for the development of Novice stakes; this proposal is currently under consideration by the CKC.
CKC events are instrumental in identifying and showcasing superior dogs for the betterment of the breed. I feel I can bring a valuable perspective to the Board from the working dog sector. I have retired from my career as a geophysicist, so I am able to commit to 100% of my free time to representing the interests of CKC members from Zone 10.
Contact me at



Shawn Nichols

My involvement in purebred dogs began in 1982. I have bred and shown several breeds most notably Poodles under the Typecast prefix. 
I have sat on the board of several clubs holding almost every possible position, including being a charter member.
In June 2017 I graduated from BCIT having completed Marketing Management program, accelerating my understanding of what has quickly become a social media driven world. I currently work for L’Oréal Professionnel in Business Development. Strategic planning and growth are the core purpose of what I do.
In 2012, I started to judge. It allows me to remain current with issues of importance to breeders and exhibitors and offers me a means to be involved with CKC. 
If elected to the CKC as Director for Zone 10 it is my promise to continually connect with the members within the region on a regular basis by attending shows. It is my commitment to gain a better understanding of what’s needed to help drive the CKC into the future; and will remain informed on key decisions that potentially impact member’s experience with the kennel club and I will represent Zone 10 with great pride.
Contact me at


Zone 11 – BC Southwest


Tempest Deptuch

Since the early 1970s I have been breeding and showing Standard Poodles under the prefix Diplomat, competing in conformation, obedience, rally and lure coursing. With my late husband (Sandy) Russel Fletcher we handled dogs for other breeders as well as our own for over 25 years. Sandy served on the CKC Board for 8 years as a Director.
I am an active member of many dog clubs promoting purebred dogs, preservation breeders as well as organizing all breed shows, obedience trials and community events highlighting purebred dogs.
During my career in software development and training, I consulted with nurses, doctors and social workers to develop award winning software for our worldwide clientele. As someone in this field, I am well equipped and experienced to help the CKC move foreword to fix the IT4YOU program.
I will work hard for our dog community, supporting clubs, members, breeders, and exhibitors. 
I ask for your support to elect me as the Director for Zone 11.
• Life Member of the Tyee KC
• Past President of the Kamloops and District KC
• Member Poodle Club of Canada
• All Breed Judge
• Librarian - Canadian Dog Judges Association
• Education co-ordination - Mid Island Judges Study Group
Contact me at



Kim Hamel

After much thought, I have decided to let my name stand for nomination for director in Zone 11.
I moved to British Columbia in 2015, bringing many years of experience in purebred dogs. From 1988 to 2004, in Manitoba, I was in a partnership in owning a large boarding facility. We initiated a compassionate pet cremation service that eliminated the necessity for burial. My experience included working with a number of Manitoba municipalities in designing appropriate kennel management guidelines.
I served on the CKC Board for Manitoba from 2009-2011 at the time CKC was in financial distress. The current pandemic has eliminated sources of CKC funding and has raised the spectre of future financial distress. The development of the online portal has also caused many delays in registration and recording that need to be addressed. Animal health is a growing concern and responsible dog ownership continues to be a priority.
Currently I own a pet sitting business, which allows me the privilege of caring for a number of purebred kennels up and down the island. I am a Life Member of CKC and am approved to judge four groups in CKC conformation events.
My passion for purebred dogs remains strong and I welcome the opportunity to be your representative for this zone.
Contact me at



Grant Townsend

I am standing to become your Director for Zone 11, and I ask for your support.
I will work cooperatively with all Board members to resolve issues that CKC is facing in these challenging times. Our issues include cancelled dog shows, technology setbacks, lost revenues and crossbreed dogs. I will work toward a viable strategic plan for our future. I will encourage positive interactions of Board and staff.
A Life Member of CKC and all-breed judge, I have shown in conformation and obedience. Over the years, I’ve served as treasurer, show chair, vice-president and president of various specialty and all-breed clubs. I am currently the CKC Zone 11 & 12 Coordinator for the Conformation Judges Observation Program and the VP Education, for the Canadian Dog Judges Association. Within CDJA, I organize the annual CKC/CDJA Conformation Judges Conference. I am supportive of performance events.
I have gained valuable experience in listening and mediation skills. I can delegate, respond to emergencies, and problem solve in a positive manner. I follow through and complete all tasks given.
Professionally, I worked as an educator both at the high school and Adult Continuing Education levels.
Thank you for your vote.
Contact me at


Zone 12 – BC Interior & Yukon




Terill Udenberg 

Dr. Udenberg has been involved in the sport of exhibiting purebred dogs for nearly thirty years and has been breeding Standard Poodles for over twenty-five years.
He is an internationally recognized all-breed judge. He presents seminars in several subjects including “The Physics of Balance – a Scientific Approach,” “Canine Reproduction” and in “Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome.” Most recently, he gave seminars in both New Zealand and Australia.
He served on the Health Committee for the Pekingese Club of America. Dr. Udenberg was invited to speak on behalf of the Pekingese Club of Great Britain (on airway research) as an expert witness regarding changing the Pekingese standard as proposed by The Kennel Club of Great Britain. The research included other breeds in the brachycephalic group as well. He serves on the CKC Brachycephalic Committee to address the changes in breed standards being proposed around the world.
He was a professor in both university and at the college level and is an expert in anatomy and physiology. As a veterinarian, he has special interest in genetically inherited disease.
He is an avid veterinary volunteer in world disasters, including Katrina, Guyana, Peru and in several spay/neuter programs in Fiji. He is an outdoorsman who enjoys biking, hiking, kayaking and extensive travel with his family for scuba diving through the world.
Contact me at


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