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We encourage all dog owners in Canada to join us and other RDOG supporters in the annual “National Walk of Support” Saturday, September 15, 2018. The National walk is 45 minutes in duration, beginning at 11:00 a.m. local time and returning to your starting destination by 11:45 a.m. to meet and greet the general public.

The “National Walk of Support” is often incorporated as part of a Responsible Dog Ownership event, which may include such things as the opportunity to participate in a Canine Good Neighbour Program, Rally, Obedience and Agility exhibitions, training or grooming demonstrations, and may offer space for local businesses, rescue groups and the SPCA. The ideas are only limited by the imagination of each local RDOG group.

What is “RDOG Day”?

Responsible Dog Ownership (RDOG) Day is a national celebration of the devotion, loyalty and friendship that the dogs in our communities offer us. It is supported by like-minded organizations and individuals across Canada and recognized at events, which generally take place during the third week of September, and culminate in the “National Walk of Support” on that Saturday, which is RDOG Day.

The “National Walk of Support” is often incorporated as part of a larger event, which can include dogs and dog ownership themed exhibitions and demonstrations by local clubs and groups as well as food and treats and fun activities for families.

The CKC Responsible Dog Committee encourages all clubs to take part by hosting local events. However, if there isn’t enough support for an event, individuals can promote responsible dog ownership by utilizing our Dog Friendly Guides and speaking with school children, municipal officials and any groups or businesses that are concerned about dogs and safety.

What does RDOG Day mean to you and your Club?

RDOG Day offers an excellent opportunity for every CKC club to reach out and gain support from individuals and organizations right at home. CKC supported events will enlighten municipalities, educate the general public and encourage all dog owners to demonstrate the positive benefits of responsible dog ownership.

This pro-active approach, which allows us to partner with local, like-minded organizations and individuals, can help build a network of community support for dogs and their owners. Thereby offering the “strength of numbers” necessary when dealing with safety issues, anti-dog legislation and increasing positive canine awareness.

How do I organize an RDOG Event?

We have some great ideas for you to consider adding to your event, but really it’s up to you and your group or club. Activities should be locally organized, promoted and implemented. They will be supported by the national organization but members should take the responsibility upon themselves to make a difference right in their own backyard.

Your group could:
  • Host Canine Good Neighbour testing.
  • Present demonstrations on Obedience, Agility, Rally.
  • Organize membership drives for your club and the CKC.
  • Hold breed seminars.
  • Host a training day.

What are some of the ways you can make your RDOG walk a safe and pleasant experience?

  • Excuse yourself and your dog at any sign of unsafe or objectionable behaviour.
  • Be courteous and respectful to the general public and other walkers.
  • Observe all safety precautions and keep your dog leashed and under control.
  • Observe all local laws affecting your dog in public places.
  • Observe proper “Petting Protocol” when asked if your dog can be petted.
  • Monitor your dog’s behaviour towards other dogs, strangers, and the unfamiliar.
  • Focus on supporting responsible dog ownership when engaging the public.