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dogpark001.jpgIt’s not always easy to find a place for your dog to run and play when you live in a densely populated neighbourhood. When on-leash and on-concrete options won’t do, leash-free zones—also known as “dog parks”—become the go-to spaces for many dog owners in Canada’s urban and suburban areas.

With the ever increasing urbanization of rural areas, dog parks remain a reality for many owners, as it’s better to take Fido to a dog park for 30 minutes to let off some steam, rather than have him chew a hole in your door, reduce your sofa to shreds or help with your interior decorating in some other imaginative way. Therefore, keep the following tips in mind:
Canine Good Neighbour, How to, pet health, tips Canine Good Neighbour, How to, pet health, tips
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PetExpo.JPGThe Canadian Kennel Club’s staff volunteers and member-ambassadors kept busy over Easter weekend, tending a booth at the well-attended Spring Canadian Pet Expo. Situated near the end of “Breeder’s Row,” the easily identifiable signature blue-and-white CKC booth proved to be a popular stop for passers-by — probably thanks to volunteers’ dogs “Maggie” the jovial Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, “Zorra” the comical Chinese Crested, and “Munsel” the poised Do Khyi (Tibetan Mastiff) puppy. Other member-ambassadors also generously volunteered their time and expertise, including a couple of extraordinarily well-trained Black Russian Terriers, whose antics amidst the teeming show hall attracted a large crowd of spectators. The dogs’ owners and CKC staff knowledgeably answered numerous and varied questions from what seemed like an endless stream of curious visitors. 
Canine Good Neighbour Canine Good Neighbour
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BSL-Logo1.jpgThe year is coming to a close and externally, it was a very strange year from a lot of perspectives, particularly in the political arena. The media must have had a field day with all of the bizarre stories surfacing throughout the year that made watching the news or scanning the headlines like being hooked to the latest reality TV sensation. 

Sometimes CKC politics is also a strong contender to capture the attention of those seeking intrigue, titillation or even shock.    

I know that politics and government are two different things but sometimes it’s hard to separate the two.  And government politics can be tough when it comes to the policies and mandate of the CKC. But with the support and collaboration of my fellow members, the Board of Directors, and other involved parties, I’ve learned a lot about navigating the halls of government administration.  
BC, BSL, Canine Good Neighbour, Lance Novak, Responsible Dog Ownership BC, BSL, Canine Good Neighbour, Lance Novak, Responsible Dog Ownership
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CGN004.jpgIt seems like only a couple of years ago I was organizing a few dogs and people for a photo shoot for the Canine Good Neighbour Handbook and Brochures.  All those dogs were early CGN titleholders and proved their good temperament and easy compatibility with their owners by behaving beautifully when faced with unique situations.  This is what the Canine Good Neighbour Program is all about. 

Those dogs were not models or trained canine actors; they were simply well socialized and moderately trained family pets.  Each of these dogs could pass the Canine Good Neighbour test but would not have been a star in the obedience ring. 

The Canine Good Neighbour evaluation is a basic test.  Can you and your dog be safe and welcome in public?  For the average dog to navigate the complexities and expectations placed on them by our increasingly controlled urban lifestyle requires a steady temperament, trust in humans, adaptability and tolerance for random instances of noise, people, trucks, buses, skateboards, toddlers, other dogs, elevators, and a bunch of other stuff that would fill a page.
Canine Good Neighbour, Naomi Kane, Responsible Dog Ownership Canine Good Neighbour, Naomi Kane, Responsible Dog Ownership
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