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Introducing Your Rare Breed
November 26, 2019
RjFtGhaRfmGs6p7UsKAa_iStock-146836743-1.jpgGetting the word out about a fantastic, but vulnerable breed requires effort from all who love them.
How do you get people interested in a rare breed? Those of us who are campaigning to get our vulnerable breeds more exposure have asked ourselves this question time and time again. I believe that there isn’t one clear way to get people interested in your breed. The saying “throw enough mud at the wall and something will stick” comes to mind when I brainstorm ways of increasing the visibility of a rare breed. 
Canada, CKC member, Ian Lynch, Responsible Dog Ownership, terrier Canada, CKC member, Ian Lynch, Responsible Dog Ownership, terrier
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lOnsL8rfTOOlGO6jppav_IMG_3327.jpgOwning an endangered breed can be incredibly rewarding

It’s no secret that what’s old is new again. As a millennial, I know that what used to be known as “used clothing” is now “vintage” and all the rage. Many of us have gone back to eating local and embracing a “farm- to- table” mentality when it comes to eating and the use of solar power is giving us renewed hope for a more sustainable future. 
Canada, CKC member, Feel Good, Ian Lynch, terrier Canada, CKC member, Feel Good, Ian Lynch, terrier
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Group Focus: Terriers
August 13, 2018
dog1.jpgGood luck describing the Terrier Group without using the adjective “Feisty”! Terriers were bred to hunt and kill vermin above and below the ground as well as guard their family’s home and barn. The short-legged terriers were bred to go underground. The long-legged Terriers hunted by digging out varmints and the group’s “bull” breeds were created centuries ago for appalling activities like bull baiting and dog fighting, long since banned, and today are cherished companion dogs.
This Group is unique in many ways, but especially when it comes to land of origin as most of the Terriers come from the British Isles. They vary in size from the small but sturdy Norwich to the grand Airedale. Terriers make great pets in the right home. They have a real zest for life and love to learn, but are easily bored so they require an owner whose determination matches theirs.
agility, Ian, Lynch, terrier agility, Ian, Lynch, terrier
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