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 Build on your years of hands-on experience with the CKC Breeder Education Program.

After years of planning and preparation we are pleased to announce the creation of the Canadian Kennel Club Breeder Education Program -- a collection of comprehensive e-learning courses developed in partnership with LifeLearn, an award-winning Health Sciences educational developer.

LifeLearn evolved from the continuing education department of the Ontario Veterinary College, and has produced e-learning programs for government agencies, educational institutions and numerous multinational corporations.

The CKC Breeder Education Program will unfold over the next three years, with courses covering the full spectrum of canine health and breeding practices, including nutrition, anatomy, genetics, epidemiology and reproduction.

The cost of each course is 49.99 (U.S.). However, all CKC Premier Members will receive a 20% discount -- just 39.99 (U.S.).


This course teaches students about canine nutritional requirements. It benefits both breeders and pet owners alike and provides an in-depth look at what is required from a nutritional perspective to maintain optimum health, fitness and longevity. The students are encouraged to compare various diets in order to make an informed decision on what best suits them and their dog(s) needs.

LifeLearn is the first multimedia continuing education program developer to earn accreditation from the American Veterinary Medical Association.

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