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Siberian Husky

  • Photo: Alice Van Kempen

Photo questions or concerns can be forwarded to the CKC at

Descended from the great coastal Chukchi of North Eastern Siberia, the Siberian Husky is a medium-sized working dog, quick and light on his feet and able to carry a light load at a moderate speed over great distances.

Breeders closest to you

Linda R. Philp
Selkirk ON
Distance: 470.31 km
Robert G. Stanger
Fisherville ON
Distance: 470.69 km
Taryn B Poot
York ON
Distance: 485 km
Taryn B Poot
York ON
Distance: 485 km
Trish L Wilcox
Dutton ON
Distance: 527.86 km
Jenny Gastmeier
Ayr ON
Distance: 536.18 km
Melody L. Roth
Tavistock ON
Distance: 549.37 km
Martina R Van De Bruinhorst
Tavistock ON
Distance: 558.97 km
Melissa Gerber
Millbank ON
Distance: 569.22 km
Greg A Miller
Tweed ON
Distance: 599.74 km
Melissa T Van Grootel
Tweed ON
Distance: 599.74 km
Colin Brownlee
Thornton ON
Distance: 609.51 km
Sue Bain
New Lowell ON
Distance: 625.31 km
Kim Ramey-Leblanc
Coldwater ON
Distance: 642.8 km
Sherry D Borgia
Gloucester ON
Distance: 707.95 km
Christine Boisclair
Gloucester ON
Distance: 713.21 km
Guy Labrecque
Gloucester ON
Distance: 713.21 km
Jean-Philippe Brunette
Val-Des-Monts QC
Distance: 740.83 km
Jenny-Lee C Gauthier
Rockland ON
Distance: 743.46 km
Caroline Desbiens
St-Jean-Sur-Richelie QC
Distance: 774.73 km
Annie Pare
Ange Gardien QC
Distance: 798.45 km
Nadine Berube
Mirabel QC
Distance: 799.14 km
Denyse Bélair
St Jerome QC
Distance: 802.24 km
Maryse Sauve
Sainte-Elisabeth QC
Distance: 855.66 km
Sarah Marchand
Sainte-Rose-De-Watfo QC
Distance: 993.05 km