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Name of Breeder: BRUCE G STIGINGS

Nom de chenil : SHORENCLIFF

Emplacement : RED DEER COUNTY, AB

Membre depuis : 3/30/2011

Website URL:

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Shorencliff Kennel has been breeding purebred Welsh Springer Spaniels for 8 years.
Our stock of Welsh Springer Spaniels were selected from some of the finest stock in America. Our dogs are raised inside a heated building and we begin to teach our puppies paper-training at 3 weeks old - which makes the breeder-to-new-home transition much simpler. We produce only a couple of litters each year, as the emphasis for our breeding stock of Spaniels is on health and happiness.
Our Springer Spaniels are fed only the highest quality of dog food and are exercised at least twice daily. The dogs live on a large farm in that has an invisible fence and are free to run, play and enjoy their days.

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