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What is the Rules of Eligibility project?
As an association incorporated under the Animal Pedigree Act, the CKC is required to establish Rules of Eligibility (ROE) which are the key traits for each breed that enable even those individuals with limited knowledge of a breed to distinguish one breed from another.
Traits are the breed distinguishing characteristics of a breed which may include size, coat colour, colour markings, coat texture/length, body, ear shape/placement, tail shape/carriage, feet, unique characteristics, genetic/observable variabilities.  
It is not necessary to include descriptors for each trait; three to five will suffice although certain breeds may have more.  The established traits will be used to determine eligibility for registration in which breeders will certify on the application for registration of a litter that the parents conform to the Rules of Eligibility.

ROE are meant to establish broad and key traits for each breed to be used for registration considerations only. Rules of Eligibility are required for every purebred animal in Canada falling under the APA. Wording describes the most basic trait that will, to a person with no knowledge of the breed, enable that person to identify the breed.

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