CKC is pleased to introduce the new Chase Ability Program to the CKC line of events, effective March 1, 2016.

This exciting event, developed after the ever-popular Lure Coursing, allows dogs to uncover their natural prey drive through chasing a lure - all while having lots of fun. The Chase Ability Program also provides purebreds and mixed-breeds with the opportunity to compete and earn multiple titles and certificates in a field event that all dogs are capable of performing.

Two types of courses will be available: one for dogs shorter than 12 inches at the withers or brachycephalic dogs and another course for the remainder of the dogs entered. The Chase Ability Program is a pass/fail event. How does a Dog earn a Pass? A dog must run alone, chasing the lure and complete the course with enthusiasm and without interruption.

Any CKC-recognized Club approved to hold Lure Coursing Trials is automatically approved to hold a Chase Ability event. Applications are to be made a minimum of 180 days prior to the event.

Watch this space for more information about this exciting new event.

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