Toy Dogs


A few Toys were bred with a particular purpose in mind, such as the Brussels Griffon and Toy Manchester, which were initially designed to decimate the rodent population of stables and other afflicted abodes. Most of the others were primarily pampered lap dogs, meant mainly to look as appealing as possible and to sop up all the excess adoration available.

Activity level

Perky, playful and cuddlesome, most of the Toy breeds are lively, upbeat characters. A few, such as the Pekingese, can be more sedate.


This is the most uniform group when it comes to size. Think “small,” from the tiniest Chihuahua barely tipping the scales at less than three kilograms (six pounds) to the solidly built Pug that should not exceed eight kilograms (18 pounds).


Primarily house pets, Toys tend to live very closely with their owners and most are eager to please them. The majority of Toy breeds readily take to training, if you don’t mind bending over a lot.


Charming characters concocted to capture hearts, Toys can worm their way into your affections as well as your bed.