Breeding Dogs

Virtually all reputable breeders in Canada are members of the Canadian Kennel Club and are obligated to adhere to CKC policies and procedures, our Code of Ethics and Code of Practice. The CKC Code of Practice for Member Breeders insists that they aim to breed dogs that are healthy and sound in both mind and body, to ensure that the dogs are true to their heritage and that they meet the requirements of the CKC Breed Standards.

Every responsible breeder should be devoted to weeding out disorders from bloodlines in order to improve the health and well being of their lines. This means learning as much as they can about their breeds, including health and genetic concerns, temperament, appearance and type.

In order to produce the best possible offspring, both the sire and dam must be conditioned and well cared-for. Regular veterinary care, screening for genetic problems, pre-breeding health tests, exercise and good nutrition should be standard procedures.

As well, it is the responsibility of every breeder to adhere at all times to proper and ethical business practices when buying, breeding, selling and placing their dogs. Any breeder selling a dog as purebred must register the dog and provide the new owner with the registration certificate within six months of the date of sale – this is the law, as required under the Animal Pedigree Act.  

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