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Photo: Alice Van Kempen
Photo: Alice Van Kempen

German Long-haired Pointer


The rarest of the German Pointers, the German Long-haired is closely related to three other long-coated German sporting breeds: the Large Münsterländer, the Small Münsterländer and the Wachtelhund, the last being similar to the English Spaniel. Only the German Long- haired Pointer is recognized by The Canadian Kennel Club. In outline, the breed resembles a rather heavily constructed setter. Some believe the breed first appeared on the scene around 1860 but other authorities contend the breed traces back to medieval times. In Germany, the breed is still highly regarded as a versatile gun dog and family companion; however, the breed remains a rarity on this continent.


Intelligent, versatile and good-natured, the German Long-haired Pointer is at home on the farm or in the field.

Activity Level

Bred as a sporting dog, the German Long-haired Pointer is active and possesses a fair amount of stamina and drive. He’s well suited to country living and needs a fair amount of outdoor exercise.


The breed stands 25-27.5 in (64-70 cm) at the shoulder.


On the back and sides of the body, the slightly wavy coat is about 2 in (5 cm) in length. Underneath the neck, chest and belly, the hair is somewhat longer. Overall, the weather-resistant coat is shiny and firm to the touch.


The coat may be solid liver, liver with white markings or conversely, white with liver markings.


Regular brushing should be all the grooming necessary.

Braque allemand (à poil long)


L’un des plus rares parmi les braques allemands, le braque allemand à poil long est étroitement apparenté aux trois autres races de chien de chasse allemandes : le grand Münsterländer, le petit Münsterländer et le Wachtelhund.    Bien que peu de spécimens aient été importés au Canada et soient à l’occasion présentés en expositions de conformation, ce braque demeure un chien rare dans notre pays.


En Allemagne, la race est toujours appréciée comme chien de chasse polyvalent et chien de compagnie.


Le braque allemand à poil long est le plus grand des quatre, mesurant 25 à 27 ½ po (64 à 70 cm) au garrot.


Il a un long poil doux. La queue est longue et porte des franges. Il y a aussi des franges sur les membres. La silhouette du braque allemand à poil long ressemble a celle d’un setter bien charpenté. 


Couleur qui est foie uni, foie avec des taches blanches ou l’inverse, blanc avec des taches foie. 

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