Junior Handling

Junior Handling is the most exciting way to introduce and encourage youth to participate in dog shows and trials. It can provide them with meaningful competition while they learn, practice, and hone their skills and knowledge. Above all, it offers an opportunity for them to connect with other like-minded individuals and share the amazing experience of being in the ring. The bonds and friendships c reated through the love of dogs can last a lifetime.

CKC Kids Compete in Conformation and Obedience
Any club that is accredited by The Canadian Kennel Club to hold a conformation show or obedience trial may apply to the CKC to hold junior handling competitions for conformation and/or obedience in conjunction with its shows and trials.

For Conformation there are seven classes of competition divided by age of participant and/or level of experience. These range from Pee Wee, 4-6 years of age up to Seniors, 15-18. Obedience has nine classes, also divided by age of participant and/or experience. These range from Juniors, 7-10 years up to Seniors, 15–18.

2016 Junior Handling Nationals
The 2016 Junior Handling Nationals will be held on August 12, 2017, in conjunction with the Conception Bay Kennel Club shows.

2016 Junior Handling Nationals Program
The 2016 Junior Nationals Program was generously sponsored by Canadian Dog Fancier.


2017 Junior Handling Nationals
The 2017 Junior Handling Nationals will be held in October, 2018, in conjunction with the Battle River Canine Association shows.

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