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Top Rally Dogs - Official 2015 Results

Meet Canada's Top Rally Dogs

1-TRD-Oslach-Photography.jpg#1 GMOTCh. Clitheroe R Commander N Chief RAE40
Golden Retriever
Owners: Charlie & Joan MacMillan | Handler: Charlie MacMillan
Most memorable win: In 2015, the HIT of HITs decided to include rally as well as obedience for that special night of competition! On Saturday evening, Fly’R, after competing in two rally trials during the day, completed an Advance and an Excellent course to finish first. Fly’R is the first Rally HIT of HITs winner. A memorable night!
Funniest story: Early on a bright sunny morning on the last Saturday in August 2010, at the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Dog Association rally trials, Fly’R and I were in Marie-Johanne Cloutier’s Excellent B ring when I went to stop, my left foot slipped on the wet grass while my right foot held. All my weight and force caused my quadriceps to detach from my right leg. I went into the air landing flat on my back with Fly’R anxiously running around me. While I was being looked after by a nurse practitioner who was trialing in the next ring, MJ walked up to me and said, “You know you NQ’d,” and the laughter cut the tension! This was the first time Fly’R had NQ’d in rally.

2-TRD-Oslach-Photography.jpg#2 OTCh. Society’s Lone Gunman CGN, RAE25
English Springer Spaniel
Owners: Mary & Paul Monteith | Handler: Mary Monteith
Elliott is a fantastic companion and accomplished competitor. He’s been in the CKC’s Top 5, all breeds, and #1 ESS multiple times, as well as having achieved a great deal in other registries and in the U.S. I’ve had many judges comment over the years that even while he’s beside me working hard in the ring, you can still see him thinking for himself throughout the course! That’s a Springer for you! He can be very quick in the ring, and I think the most memorable wins are those where we’ve won the class and the timing has been extremely close, to within a few 100ths of a second between first and second place. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have Elliott in my life. He’s the embodiment of a “good dog,” in temperament, willingness and his joy in life.

3-TRD.jpg#3 OTCh. Ridgehaven’s Oscar The Crouch CGN, RAE6
Portuguese Water Dog
Owners: Monte & Lorie Crouch | Handler: Lorie Crouch
Last year was a blast for Oscar and me. He got to sleep on the bed (covered, of course) when staying at hotels and was well rewarded for his trial efforts. I enjoyed the (mostly) highs and (occasional) lows of competition, making new friends and experiencing the incomparable bond that forms when spending dedicated time with your best buddy.
Most memorable win: A testament to a solid obedience foundation is how well it translates into success in other sports. Our highlight of the year occurred at the American National PWD Specialty in Michigan where Oscar achieved HIT in Obedience, won his Rally class and earned a new title, Courier Water Dog. Two more passes at the Ontario trial resulted in CWDX, the highest water title for the breed!
Funniest story: In our first rally Excellent trial (off leash), on the ‘Forward’ command from the judge, Oscar took off for the food bowls, grabbed the stuffed duck and raced around the ring, shaking the life out of it, much to the delight of onlookers and my mortification. The judge, Bonnie Christie, calmly asked me to call my dog and graciously allowed us to start again, although we did NQ. Later a spectator asked me if Oscar would entertain us again in the afternoon. I sheepishly replied, “I hope not!”

4-TRD.jpg#4 Toy Z Sotto CDX, CGN, RAE2
German Shepherd Dog
Owner/Handler: Sharon Otto
Toy is from my own breeding. She’s eager to please, has a loving, sweet temperament and is just a lot of fun. Toy does her rally exercises with perfection and ease.
Most memorable win: My most memorable win was at a trial in Regina under judge Fay Deaver. Prior to Toy going in the ring, there was dog that took a lunge at Toy. Toy is very sensitive and was very upset by this. I took a few minutes to calm and build her confidence, and in the ring we went. Toy scored a perfect 100. The perfect score was one of many but what was most memorable is that Fay Deaver gave a speech after and said that she rarely gives 100, but this dog did it.
Funniest story: The funniest event also occurred at this same trial and same judge...Toy scored 100 most times and I noticed that this judge just wouldn’t give out 100s. I had told a friend just prior to going in the ring that Toy and I were going to perform sooo well that she’d have to give us 100. We did it. I whispered to the judge after her speech, “I knew we’d squeak 100 out of you!” Toy just rocked.
5-TRD-Oslach-Photography.jpg#5 Quinleighblu’s Cassidy CGN, RAE24 CDX
Golden Retriever
Owners: Lorrie Scriber & Helen Lackey | Handler: Lorrie Scriber
Cassie is a happy bouncy girl who loves to go in the rally ring with me. Cassie has her CDX as well, but rally is her specialty. If trials are outside, she might decide to roll in the grass or do a puppy burn around the ring. She is almost 10 years of age. Cassie has been a top competitor for several years and in 2014 she earned the ranking of #1 all breeds in Canada. Cassie seems to know when we’re almost finished the course and her treats are waiting. I’m always proud to go into the ring with my girl. She’s one in a million!

6-TRD.JPG#6 Ch. Lynroy’s Let The Secrets Fly CGN, CDX, RAE2
Standard Poodle
Owners: Margaret Denker-Hibbert & Linda Gourley | Handler: Margaret Denker-Hibbert
Ending up in the Top 10 all breeds in rally was not on my mind at the beginning of 2015! I was only going for a RAE, but when Pilot was #1 Standard Poodle in July, I decided to try to keep that spot… and so the journey began.
Most memorable win: The most memorable trial was in November when we got our RAE2 and were still #1 Standard Poodle, #1 Non-Sporting Dog and in the Top 10 all breeds. How exciting!

Funniest story: The funniest mishap was at our first trial of the year in May. All four rally Advanced and Excellent runs had toys in the offset Figure 8s, and Pilot is a bit toy obsessed. We made it through the first three runs but on the last one, the jump was so close to the Figure 8 that he landed right in the middle and he wouldn’t leave the toys. We NQ’d that run.

7-TRD.jpg#7 Deerrun’s Titan At Burntriver CGN, PCD, RAE3, FDJ
Smooth Vizsla
Owner/Handler: Raven Ivany
Most memorable win: My most memorable moment in 2015 was competing on home turf at the Muskoka District Kennel Club’s trial in October. I felt that Titan and I were at our best, working as a team, floating in the ring in together – like we were dancing. We were having a blast in the ring!
Funniest story: The most memorable funny moment that sticks with me still, was at the Peterborough and District Obedience Club’s trial in May. Needing only one pass to earn our RAE title, we were in the Excellent B class when Titan, without hesitation, dove right into a stainless-steel bowl, plucking out a little stuffed grey elephant toy and giving it a playful chomp and shake! I still laugh because he was clearly enjoying himself!

8-TRD.jpg#8 Ch. Dagobah’s Final Destination CGN, CD, RAE
American Cocker Spaniel
Owner/Handler: Donna Kellar
I’m proud to say that Ch. Dagobah’s Final Destination CD, CGN, RAE2 is the first American Cocker Spaniel in Canada to achieve a RAE title.

In the past five years, I have had the #1 Rally Cocker in Canada, appearing in the Top 10 all breeds this past year. Destiny was a bit of a challenge, as she wasn’t a great heeler because she thought she could do the course without me. She was also terrified of big dogs and would scream like she was being killed if one even looked at her. At her very first trial at the RAE level, she peed in the ring. It was the only time she NQ’d for an RAE leg, as we managed to work through her issues and by her final trial, she was qualifying at both levels with perfect 100 scores.

9-TRD-7.jpg#9 GCh. Sonora Keja Git Go Rodeo RAE
Miniature Poodle
Owner/Handler: Elizabeth Bowes
Most memorable win: I found myself at an Edmonton trial, towards the end of the year, with many top-performing ‎teams. We competed in a large class and I was thrilled with Rhody’s performance, tail wagging all the way through. My smile turned into a real laugh, when we were awarded fifth in class, with a perfect 100 score!
Funniest story: At the beginning of the year, I was very careful to make sure I held up my part of the teamwork and do the signs right. One course had a questionable sign (#14), so I asked the judge about it. She thanked me for bringing it to her attention and then proceeded to tell all the exhibitors in our class exactly how she ‎wanted it done. I practised five flawless walkthroughs. Rhody had a beautiful run and, yup, I did sign #14 totally backwards!

10-TRD-Oslach-Photography.jpg#10 Darkover Come Dance With Me CGN, CDX, RAE7
English Springer Spaniel
Owners: Mary & Paul Monteith | Handler: Mary Monteith
Sadie is a wonderful, sweet, happy dog, and the most easy-going companion. She has also accomplished a great deal in competition, ranking in the CKC’s Top 10 all breeds, and #2 ESS multiple times. Like her big brother, Elliott, she’s also competed in other venues and earned many titles. Sadie is a precise girl, who likes everything to be “just so.” This results in some interesting runs when she decides that things are not as “just so” as she would like them to be! I count myself as incredibly lucky to have Sadie by my side in the ring or in life. I love the English Springer Spaniel breed, and I am doubly lucky to have two such fabulous ESS as my companions.