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Photo: Alice Van Kempen
Photo: Alice Van Kempen

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Curly-coated Retriever


One of the oldest of the retriever breeds, the Curly has appeared in British sporting prints dating back 300 years. He was the first breed trained to retrieve game and deliver it back to the hunter. Because he was a ‘finished’ breed long before breeding records were kept, his actual ancestry is a matter of conjecture. Educated guesses place the St. John’s Newfoundland, the Poodle, the Old English Water Spaniel and the Irish Water Spaniel in his background. At one time the Curly was the gamekeeper’s favourite dog and it is still regarded as the most efficient retriever in New Zealand and Australia where it is worked on upland game as well as waterfowl. The Curly’s popularity was eclipsed by the Labrador and Golden Retrievers but it still maintains a faithful following around the world.


A charming and gentle family companion, the Curly is self-confident, steadfast and intelligent. Independent and poised, the dog is alert but calm and affectionate.

Activity Level

A determined and durable hunter, the courageous Curly is both eager and persistent. The breed is best suited to suburban or country living and needs plenty of outdoor exercise. And if that includes swimming, your Curly will love you for it.


The ideal height at the withers ranges from 25-27 in (64-69 cm) for males and 23-25 in (58-64 cm) for females.


The body coat is a thick mass of close-lying small, tight and crisp curls.


The Curly may be black or liver in colour.


An occasional bath and towelling down is all the grooming required.

Retriever (à poil frisé)

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