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Hats Off to All Westminster Canadian Winners

It was a great year for Canadians at the 139th Westminster Dog Show in February. In addition to the winner of Best in Show, the victorious Beagle, Miss P, GChX Tashtins Lookin For Trouble, we would like to pay tribute to the many other notable Canadian wins.

Group 1st in the Working Group was awarded to Portuguese
Water Dog Am. GCh. Claircreek Impression De Matisse.
Matisse was bred and is co-owned by Donna Gottdenker.
This marks the third consecutive group win for Matisse – a record
for the PWD since the breed made its debut at Westminster
in 1985. Matisse was the #1 Dog, all breeds, in the U.S. for 2014, with a staggering 148,001 points.

Group 1st in the  Non-Sporting Group was awarded to
Standard Poodle Can. Ch. & Am. GCh. Dawin Hearts On Fire.
Bred and owned by Linda Campbell, Flame also spent 2014
campaigning in the U.S., finishing the year as the #3 Dog,
all breeds. Last year, Flame spent one weekend in Canada,
picking up a BIS and a specialty win.

Group 2nd in the Toy Group was won by Pomeranian Am. GCh. HiTimes What The Inferno. Danny was  bred by Joan & Ashley Carcasole of Calgary. He was the #6 Dog, all breeds, and #1 Toy, in the U.S. for 2014.

After seven consecutive breed wins, American Eskimo Dog Can. GChX & Am. GCh. Nuuktok’s Atka Inukshuk was awarded Group 4th in the Non-Sporting Group, under Canadian judge Shirley Limoges. This is the first time an American Eskimo Dog has even made the cut since it earned AKC recognition in 1994. Breeder-owned by Sharon Robertson and handled by Graeme Burdon, Inuk has also been the #1 Standard American Eskimo Dog in Canada for six consecutive years.

Group 2nd in the Herding Group was awarded to Bouvier des Flandres Can. Ch. & Am. GCh. Stonepillar’s Steel Blu. Co-owned and handled by the sire’s breeder, Elaine Paquette, Quiche Kennels. Over the years, the Paquette’s Quiche Bouviers have won the breed and gone on to place in the group seven times at Westminster.

Following are wins at the breed level (to AOM):

Sporting Group:
  • Flat-coated Retriever Can. Ch. & Am. GCh., MOTCh. Fishercreek’s A Star Is Born Am. UD won an Award of Merit at 10 years of age (breeders/owners: Barry & Pauline Harrison).
  • Field Spaniel Am. GCh. Winfarthing’s Hurricane won an Award of Merit (breeder: Peter Archer).
Hound Group:
  • Borzoi Can. GCh. & Am. Ch. Taugo’s Ulric was awarded Best of Opposite Sex (breeder: Merla Thomson; owners: Ken Cook & Wanda Konski).
  • Long-haired Dachshund Am. Ch. Dachshalott Dapple Legacy won Best of Opposite Sex (breeders: Katherine & George Legacy).
  • Norwegian Elkhound Best of Breed was awarded to Am. GCh. Vin-Melca’s Daggarwood Delight (breeders: Kevin Richard & Nicole Casavechia; owner/handler: Patricia Trotter).
Working Group:
  • Alaskan Malamute Can. & Am. Ch. Spiritrun’s Cool Ride won Best of Opposite Sex (breeders/co-owners: Jennifer & Edmund Remazki; co-owner: Alisa Syar).
  • Bernese Mountain Dog Can. & Am. Ch. Avatars Oops I Did It Again With Brassing also won Best of Opposite Sex (co-breeder/co-owner: Kim Groves).
  • Boxer Best of Breed was awarded to Am. GCh. Mephisto’s Speak Of The Devil (breeders: Michelle & Peter Yeadon, Monika Pinsker).
  • Bullmastiff Can. & Am. Ch. Bramstoke’s Carved in Stone CGN won Select Dog (breeder/owner: Kay Reil).
  • Great Pyrenees Best of Opposite Sex was awarded to Am. Ch. Sanchor’s Thunder N Charboneau (breeders: Susan & Christine Tochor; owner: Tamra Green).
  • Two additional Canadian wins for the Portuguese Water Dog:
    • Select Dog Can. GCh. & Am. Ch. Seabury’s Final Voyage
    • Select Bitch Can. GCh. & Am. Ch. Seabury’s Sophie Tucker (breeders/owners: Roslyn Eskind & John Brown).
  • Samoyed Can. & Am. Ch. Vanderbilt’s Cherry on Top earned an Award of Merit (breeders/owners: Judi & Blair Elford).
  • Two wins for Siberian Huskies:
    • Best of Opposite Sex awarded to Can. & Am. GCh. Snowmist’s Soda Pop (breeder/co-owner: Kim Leblanc).
    • Award of Merit awarded to Can. & Am. GCh. Highlander’s Rumour Has It (owners: Marc Ralsky & Correen Pacht).
  • Newfoundland Can. GChX & Am. GCh. (Silver) Heartsease King Of The Jungle CGN won an Award of Merit (breeder/co-owner: Joan Casler).
Terrier Group:
  • Lakeland Terrier Am. GCh. Northcote’s Elite Crimson Fire was awarded Select Bitch (breeder: Terri Alloway; owners: Dana and Craig Lawrence & Pat Peters).
  • Parson Russell Terrier Select Bitch was won by Can. & Am. Ch. Foxbend Call My Agent (breeder/co-owner: Susan Crawford; co-owners: David Crawford & Shawn Fuller).
  • Scottish Terrier Can. GCh. & Am. Ch. Toulin’s Quite The Spectacle won Select Dog (breeder/owner: Liz Lewis; handler: Peter Scott).
  • Two wins for Sealyham Terriers:
    • Best of Breed to Can. & Am. Ch. Avalonis New Olympian (breeder/owner: Lisa Jowett).
    • Best of Opposite Sex to Am. Ch. Goodspice Efbe’s Know Easy Way Out (breeders/co-owners: Margery Good & France Bergeron; co-breeder: Sandra Middlebrook).
  • Welsh Terrier Best of Opposite Sex was won by Am. GCh. & Can. Ch. Darwyn Here For A Good Time (co-breeder/co-owner: Larisa Hotchin).
Toy Group:
  • Pekingese Am. & Can. GCh. Pekeden PHD For Schuyler was awarded Select Dog and an Award of Merit (breeders/owners/handlers: Diane Bell-Curley & Thomas Curley).
  • Shih Tzu Best of Breed (also Group 1st) was awarded to ex-pat Luke Ehrict’s Am. GCh. Hallmark Jolei Rocket Power (breeders/owners/handlers: Luke & Diane Ehricht).
  • Shih Tzu Am. Ch. Wenrick’s Don’t Stop Believing won Select Dog (breeder/owners: Wendy, Jody & Richard Paquette).
  • Yorkshire Terrier Can. & Am. Ch.Teatime Pastoral Blind Faith was awarded Select Bitch (owner/handler: Lorraine Hayes).
Non-Sporting Group:
  • Two Canadian Bulldog honours:
    • Award of Merit to Can. & Am. GCh. Bulldacious La Dee Da CGN, CGC, TDI (breeders/owners: Tammy McAllister, Melissa Lamb & Brent Watson).
    • Award of Merit to Can. & Am. GCh. Delenclos Cherokee Milton (breeders/co-owners: Christine & Knut Pelzer; co-breeder: Cody Sickle).
  • Standard Poodle Can. & Am. Ch. Adessi Elemental Afterglow won Select Bitch (co-owners: Dr. Michael Tipple and Allison & Todd Foley; handler: Allison Foley).
  • Schipperke Am. GCh. & Can. Ch. Mardeck’s The Sorcerer’s Son won an Award of Merit (breeder/co-owner: Marlene Layng; co-owner: Ursula Hutton; handler: Will Alexander).
  • Tibetan Terrier Best of Breed was awarded to Can. Ch. & Am. GCh. Barnstorm To-Jo B’En Wicked @ Adominos By Dzine (co-breeder/co-owner: M Lafler; co-owners: L Meyer, R Bailey & J Sheffield).
Herding Group:
  • Australian Cattle Dog Reddenblu’s Canadian Boy won an Award of Merit from the classes (breeder: Joyce M Redden; owner: Beth Susen).
  • Two Bearded Collie nods:
    • Best of Breed for the second year in a row to Am. GCh. Dreamchaser Follow Your Dreams (breeders/co-owners: Thomas Dixon & Debra Quadland; co-breeder: Graeme Burdon).
    • Award of Merit to Can. & Am. GCh. Classical’s My Turn (breeders/owners: Julie Kempster & Bea Sawka).
  • An additional win for a Canadian Bouvier des Flandres – Best of Opposite Sex Can Ch. & Am. GCh. Bon Idee’s Love American Style CGN, RN, CAA, CGC (owner: Jacquie Moore).
  • Finnish Lapphund Select Dog won by Can. GCh. & Am. Ch. Bearspaw Sampo HIC (breeders/owners: Dr. Nicole & Elizabeth Prokopishyn; co-owner: Shaunna Bernardin; handler: Will Alexander).
  • Old English Sheepdog Can. GChX & Am. Ch. Lambluv’s Apollon CGN was awarded Select Dog (co-owner: Adele MacAskill; handler: Will Alexander).
While we have made every effort to include all Canadian Westminster winners, if you know of a Canadian win that does not appear in above list, please contact us at and, upon confirmation, an update will be made.
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