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Interview with Pets Plus Us’ Top Dog, Randy Valpy

Every Puppy Deserves Pet Health Protection

In partnership with the CKC, Pets Plus Us offers trial pet health insurance through their 6-Week HeadStart Trial Coverage Program to all new puppy owners who have purchased a dog from a CKC-registered breeder. Today, we speak with Randy Valpy, Top Dog at Pets Plus Us, about the importance of pet insurance and the benefits of promoting it.
Q. Why do you think pet insurance should be an important consideration among pet owners?
Randy: Having been in the industry for 15 years, I have seen many pet owners benefit from pet insurance. Regardless of your income or financial situation, if you’re like most pet owners, you don’t have the funds set aside to provide veterinary medical care for your pet in the event of illness or an emergency. Even if you do, those funds are often earmarked for other expenses, such as a child’s college fund, home improvements, vacations, vehicle purchases and repairs and all the other costs of living that we face daily. Having pet insurance coverage ensures pet owners don’t have to compromise the quality of care their pet receives in the event of an unexpected accident or illness.
Watch our recent presentation from the CKC AGM titled, “Pet Insurance: Is it worth it?
Q. What makes Pets Plus Us different?
Randy: When we were developing the Pets Plus Us brand, I knew I wanted it to be supported by a passionate team of pet lovers who truly understand the ups and downs of owning a pet. We often have Members mention how compassionate and caring our call center Advocates are.
In addition to our great team, we’ve create our brand to empower and inform responsible pet ownership and pet health. Some of the things that make our pet insurance coverage great are:
  • No breed exclusions - we cover every breed, and even health conditions commonly associated with a breed, as long there are no medical conditions that are pre-existing to when coverage starts.
  • Underwriting up front - we look at each pet’s health records and tell pet owners if anything’s not covered so there are no surprises later on.
  • Coverage for examination fees and taxes – coverage is also provided for surgeries, diagnostic tests, medications, hospital stays, and alternative therapies up to the policy limit selected. There is no need to worry about per-condition or per-incident sub-limits.
  • Blue Ribbon Benefits: a set of valuable products and services that help make being a pet owner easier.
Q. What’s included in the 6-Week HeadStart Trial Coverage?
Randy: Each puppy receives 6 weeks of complimentary pet health insurance, which provides $1,000 of Accident & Illness coverage and access to our 24/7 PetHelpFone™, 24/7 Pet Poison Helpline® and Compassionate Care Line.
In addition, if the puppy owner coverts their voucher to a paid policy they will receive their first month of coverage at NO COST!
Q. How do breeders benefit from enrolling new puppy owners in the 6-Week HeadStart Trial?
Randy: As a CKC member breeder, you receive free access to our 24/7 PetHelpFone™, 24/7 Pet Poison Helpline® and our Compassionate Care Line. Breeders are also eligible to receive 15% off our Accident or Accident & Illness policies when using “CKCPET” at or when calling 1-855-900-3644.

Enroll your puppies in the 6-Week HeadStart Trial Coverage at or call Pets Plus Us at 1-855-900-3644, 3 weeks prior or no later than 7 days after sending a puppy home.

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