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Notice to Agility Club and Exhibitors Trials Re: Move Ups

Please be advised that in accordance with the Agility Rules & Regulations, Section 6.8.1 dogs are only eligible to move up “prior to the commencement of each trial”.  Dogs are not permitted to move up within a trial.
“A dog that is invididually registered in the records of the CKC or has an Event Registration Number (ERN) or a Miscellaneous Certification Number (MCN) or a Performance Event Number (PEN or a Canine Copmanion Number (CCN) and has received 3 qualifying scores from at least  2 different judges, may be transferred to the next level provided that a written or electronic request is received prior to the commencement of each trial or in accordance with the conditions advertised in the premium list.”
Section 6.8.1 regarding move ups in the Agility Rules has not changed from the previous rules.  However, effective 2017 clubs are eligible to hold 1 trial with 2 of the same classes and levels (e.g. 2 JWW for each level).  This seems to be causing some confusion about when a dog can move up. 
Although clubs are permitted to hold 2 of the same class and level within 1 trial/event number, dogs are still only permitted to move up in between trials, not within the same trial.
So, for example, a dog entered to run in the Excellent JWW twice within 1 trial, cannot run in the first Excellent JWW and then move up within the same trial to the Master Excellent JWW.  Both clubs and exhibitors are responsible for understanding the rules.
Please note that 1 event (number) is equal to 1 trial.
Further, the last part of the sentence “….or  in accordance with the conditions advertised in the premium list” refers to the requirements to move up.  These words do not allow a club to negate the words “prior to the commencement of each trial”.  It means a club can set different conditions with regard to move ups.  For example, whether it must be only in writing, or how far in advance of the trial an owner can request a move up, etc.
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