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CKC Joins International Partnership for Dogs (IPFD)

The Canadian Kennel Club is pleased to announce its new partnership with Sweden-based non-profit International Partnership for Dogs (IPFD). Founded in 2014, IPFD is an international, independent, multi-stakeholder, multi-disciplinary organization that facilitates collaboration and resource-sharing with the aim of advancing canine health and welfare globally.

Bringing together kennel clubs, academic institutions, breed specific interest groups, educational and professional organizations, and the pet industry, IPFD’s audience covers health-conscious breeders, breed clubs, veterinarians, researchers, dog owners, and more. Contributing partners include Agria Pet Insurance (Sweden), Royal Canin, and Wisdom Health, as well as the Kennel Clubs of Ireland, Norway, Finland, France, Germany, Sweden, and the UK. Collaborating partners include VetCompass, Canine Genetics and Epidemiology, VetStream, Dog Breeding Reform Group, and the Federation of Companion Animal Veterinary Associations (FECAVCA).

Dr. Brenda Bonnett, CEO of IPFD and a Canadian owner of purebred dogs, is encouraged by this new partnership, believing strongly that this will lead to tangible benefits for CKC members and dogs in Canada. “Access to the wealth of information available via IPFD and will undoubtedly empower breeders and breed clubs to make educated decisions about breeding programs and strategies for long term breed health and well-being. IPFD’s strength lies in its membership and the collaboration that results. The Canadian Kennel Club will add and gain significant value with their IPFD membership,” said Dr. Bonnett.

IPFD has launched a comprehensive online platform at, which has been well-received by the dog community. Meant to serve as an information hub and a platform for building community, the site’s vast array of resources can easily be accessed by the public and more by creating a member account. This includes a comprehensive collection of scientific papers, breeding strategies, and articles. Furthermore, the site features message boards where members can interact with dedicated breeders, veterinarians, and researchers from around the world. A growing web resource, is accessed by users internationally from the United States, Australia, the UK, and Europe.

A major initiative of IPFD and one of special interest to the CKC and its members is the Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs (HGTD).  The HGTD has started with a database of Genetic Test Providers and listings of available tests by breed but is expanding to include many counselling resources to help breeders, owners and advisors to navigate the complex world of genetic testing.

IPFD’s work extends to co-hosting International Dog Health Workshops in various countries, and to date three have taken place in Europe with a fourth scheduled this year in the UK. The Program for the 2019 International Dog Health Workshop focusses on issues such as health testing, the concept of breed and how it affects health and well-being as well as strategies for preservation, preventing extremes of conformation through health and breeding considerations and much more. Plenary speakers include distinguished veterinarians, kennel club breeding advisors, and acclaimed scientists. The information gleaned from attending sessions is vastly beneficial to kennel clubs seeking to advance the welfare of purebred dogs within their countries. CKC is expected to be  represented at the 2019 International Dog Health Workshop by a member of the Genetics & Medical Committee.  

CKC is proud to partner with IPFD to further our access to a wide network of experts and volunteers working diligently and passionately to improve the health and well-being of purpose-bred dogs.   With a mutual belief that the world is a better place because we share it with dogs, this partnership is surely a step towards protecting and strengthening the bond between humankind and the dog.
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