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Notice to Conformation Clubs Re: Submission of Results, Whippets, Baby Puppies 

This notice is to remind clubs of some changes and to ensure that event results are submitted with the proper information.

Effective July 1, 2021, the Whippet was added to the list of breeds that may be judged on a ramp, and Baby Puppies must be 4 to 6 months of age to enter into competition.
Effective July 6, 2021 all Section 8.3 of the Conformation Show Rules was amended with regard to Entries and Baby Puppies.  Every dog entered in a conformation show must be either registered with the CKC, have an Event Registration Number (ERN), have a Temporary Competition Number (TCN), or if it is a Listed Breed, it must have a Miscellaneous Certification Number (MCN).

Registration Numbers:
With regard to event results, please ensure that all dog registration numbers include the full number, including the prefix if applicable. All registration numbers issued in the new database as of November 2019 include a prefix.
Examples: CK-AB1234567, AK-GU1234567, FD-JE1234567, EN-HJ1234567
Marked Catalgoues
Clubs must provide one (1) marked catalogue for each event (i.e., event number). The catalogue must indicate the awards issued in all classes and groups.
At the beginning of each breed in the catalogue a count of the total males, females, male specials and female specials must be included. At Head Office, this is known as a vector.
Example: SETTERS (IRISH) 6-10-4-3
The example indicates that there were six males in class competition, ten females
in class competition, four male specials and three female specials
The count for each breed must be made AFTER the breed has been judged to ensure that the information is current and correct, and it must match the Judge’s Book. Each marked catalogue should contain the vectors for only one (1) show. Please do not include the vectors for all of the events in one (1) catalogue.
  • Dogs that are moved to Specials must be included with the Specials Only dogs.
  • Veterans at Specialty Shows must be included in the count as Specials Only.
  • Veterans at All-Breed Shows are Unofficial and do not get included in the count.
  • Absent, Excused or Disqualified dogs do not get included in the count. However, Absent, Disqualified, Excused and Listed dogs should be marked beside each breed in the catalogue as follows:  3L        2A       1D       1E       
Submitting Results
Here is a further list of documentation that must be included with the event results:
·      All of the entry forms;
·      All of the Judges’ Books;
·      The recording fees as prescribed by the CKC;
·      The TCN fees for the entries of non-registered dogs;
·      All fees for Baby Puppies if included in the show;
·      The completed Statement of Event Fees Form(s) with the signature of one of the club officers or the Event Secretary, or Show Chair;
·      Any other information or reports as may be required by the CKC.
Please remember that all show results are to be received not more than 14 days after the last day of the show.  Administrative fees will be charged for non-compliance.

Point Schedule
All Premium Lists and Catalogues must include a listing of the point schedule from the event rules. This includes the requirements for Champion, and the new Grand Champion (Bronze, Silver, Gold) and Grand Champion Excellent requirements.  If altered classes are offered, the Altered Champion point schedule should be included.

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