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NEW Mini Microchip!

Microchips have become the primary method breeders use as a form of permanent identification to safeguard their puppies. When scanned, microchips reveal the crucial contact information that can get a dog home safely. Microchips also fulfill the requirement that all puppies must be permanently identified before leaving the breeder’s property (as per CKC Bylaws).
The tiny microchip is inserted between the shoulder blades of the dog, requiring no anaesthetic. Insertion can happen at any time but usually occurs when a puppy is young and still living with its breeder's family, or when a dog is surrendered to a shelter and needs to be rehomed.
When the Canadian Kennel Club sells microchips to its members, the CKC records who the microchip was sold to so that our records will always include the breeder, aka purchaser of the microchip. This is another reason why it is crucial to keep in touch with your dog's breeder and update them when you move addresses, change phone numbers or email addresses.
When that breeder registers the dog and transfers ownership to the new owner, the microchip will then be connected to that dog’s file and the recorded owner on file. Should you need to update the information on the dog's microchip, call the Canadian Kennel Club toll-free at 1-855-364-7252 and provide the Membership Services team member with the dog's microchip number, along with some other information on the dog as requested so they can find the dog’s file and update it.
The Canadian Kennel Club also offers the CanadaChip Recovery, where dogs who are not registered can also be enrolled.  There’s no charge to enrol a dog if the microchip was purchased from CKC; if CKC didn’t sell the microchip, there is a $10 plus tax fee for the enrollment, which is for the life of the animal and there is not a renewal fee.  Cats and birds can also be enrolled in CanadaChip.
Newly added to the CKC’s microchip line-up is the mini chip. Both chip and needle gauge for insertion are smaller (less than 15 gauge compared to the regular chip (less than 12 gauge). This new mini chip is ideal for small breed dogs (as well as cats, pocket pets, and birds). The mini chip can also be appropriate for breeds with a thin coat, like the Doberman.
The reading range of the mini chip is less than the regular chip, so the mini chip is not appropriate for breeds with thick coats like a Golden Retriever or Chow Chow.
Mini chips are now available! They can be ordered through our Order Desk, same as our current microchips.

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