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Independent Standing Committees
Independent Standing Committees are appointed in accordance with the By-Laws and under the terms of reference in the Policy and Procedures Manual. Independent Standing Committees shall consist of members of the Club who are not members of the Board. They shall operate at arm’s length to the Board and their authority shall be independent of the Board. 

Appeal Committee
Staff Liaison: Kristi Schenk
Committee Chair: Lionel Whittaker
William A. Miller
Carolyn Ayre
Judy Walsh

Audit Committee
Staff Liaison: TBD
Committee Chair: Melanie Towell, CPA, CA
Laurie Coady, CPA, CMA
Cyndi Egbert

Discipline Committee
Staff Liaison: Kristi Schenk
Committee Chair: Lucy Bender
John Dzerdz
Karsten Kaemling
Alan Parkinson
Maura Romeo

Registration Committee
Staff Liaison: Priya Bunsee
Committee Chair: Sylvain Sirois
Dr. Lucie Paradis, m.v
Tannis Postma
Nancy Menard-Cheng
Dann Wilson


Standing Committees
At the discretion of the Board, Standing Committees may consist of Board members only or they may be a combination of Board members and lay members. The purpose of such committees shall be to assist in the work of the Board. They shall operate within their specified terms of reference and report back to the Board on a regular and timely basis. Unless specifically authorized by the By-laws or the Board, Standing Committees shall not have any autonomous authority.

Board Orientation & Education Committee
Staff Liaison: Tara Merrimen
Committee Chair:
Frank MacArthur
Lee Anne Bateman
Jeff Cornett (Executive Director) 

Breed Standards Committee
Staff Liaison: TBD
Board Liaison: Tempest Deptuch
Committee Chair: Ainslie Mills
Nancy Downing
Susan Quesnel

Breeder Relations Committee
Staff Liaison: Jacqueline Morley
Board Liaison: Alistair Sutherland
Committee Chair: Stewart Dankner
Trina Gallop
Joycelynn Hoddinott
Kassandra McCartney 
Joanne Pepin

Communications Committee
Staff Liaison: Heather Parsons
Board Liaison: Lee Anne Bateman
Committee Chairs: Trina Gallop/Corrie Horne
Jean Delisle
Richard Paquette
Joanna Suan 

Event Officiating Committee
Staff Liaison: Tracy Kent
Board Liaison: David Gilmour 
Committee Chair: Virginia Lyne
Thomas Alexander
Darwin Boles
Kate Darbyshire
Michael Woods 

Executive Performance and Compensation Review Committee
Committee Chair: Corinne Walker
Lee Anne Bateman
Denis Gros-Louis
Melanie Towell, CPA, CA

Genetics & Medical Committee
Staff Liaison: Jacqueline Morley
Board Liaison: Alistair Sutherland
Committee Chair: Dr. Paul Eckford, PhD
Dr. Oksana Moshynska, PhD
Dr. Roberta Parish, PhD,
Dr. Simon Verge, DVM 

IT Steering Committee
Staff Liaison: Andrew McCallister
Committee Chair: Michael Crawford
Melanie Towell, CPA, CA
Cheryl Paterson

Legislation Committee
Staff Liaison: Tara Merrimen
Committee Chair: Denis Gros-Louis
Lucy Bender (Discipline Committee Chair)
Jeff Cornett (Executive Director)
David Gilmour
Sylvain Sirois - (Registration Committee Chair)
Peter Scott
Lionel Whittaker (Appeal Committee Chair)

National Advocacy and Government Relations Committee
Staff Liaison: Sarah McDowell
Board Liaison: Richard Paquette
Committee Chair: Dawne Deeley 
Val Bandas
Serge Bilodeau 
Stacey Cronyn
Emily Gratton
Corrie Horne
Sharon MacArthur
Angel Rowe
Loreta Serafini 

Rules of Eligibility (ROE) Committee
Staff Liaison: TBD
Board Liaison: Tempest Deptuch
Committee Chair: Thora Brown 
Bill Chisholm
Lisa Ricciotti 

Strategic Planning Committee
Staff Liaison: Tara Merrimen
Committee Chair: Marc Ralsky 
Jeff Cornett (Executive Director)
Richard Paquette
Alistair Sutherland
Corinne Walker 
Melanie Towell, CPA, CA

Select Committees
Select Committees shall be appointed on an ad hoc basis to perform specific tasks. Upon adoption of its final report to the board, a select committee shall cease to exist. 

Ad Hoc Archives and Library Committee
Staff Liaison & Committee Chair: Jacqueline Morley
Lee Anne Bateman
Melanie Towell, CPA, CA

Brachycephalic Breeds Advocacy Committee 
Staff Liaison: Sarah McDowell
Committee Chair: Richard Paquette
Mark Berryman
Dr. Oksana Moshynska, PhD (Genetics & Medical Committee)
Dr. Matthew Wittenrich, DVM
Pat O'Keefe