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CKC Committees

Standing Committees

Executive Performance and Compensation Review Committee

Larry Kereluke (Chair)
Murray Botterill (Audit Committee Chair)
Joan Bennett
Richard Paquette

Board Orientation & Education Committee

Lendra Barker (Chair)
Joan Bennett
Lance Novak (Executive Director) 
Staff Liaison: Tara Merrimen

Breed Standards Committee

Stephanie Horan (Chair)
Board Liaison: Peter Laventhall – Wolfish
Staff Liaison: Sherry Weiss
Ainslie Mills
Susan J. Quesnel

Club Recognition Committee

Board Liaison: Lynne Bruce
Staff Liaison: Sherry Weiss
Jenny Catton
Todd Foley
Doug Windsor

Breeder Relations Committee

Board Liaison: Richard Paquette
Staff Liaison: Emily MacKinnon
Line Champagne 
Victoria Ellery
Sam Hasbini
Betty Pirs

Event Officiating Committee

Board Liaison: Joan Bennett 
Staff Liaison: Sherry Weiss
Darwin Boles
Virginia Lyne
David Dibblee
Marlene Parrott
Robert Whitney 

Genetics & Medical Committee

Simon Verge DVM.
Board Liaison: Dr. Paul Eckford
Oksana Moshynska, Ph.D
Roberta Parish, Ph.D
Staff Liaison: Emily MacKinnon

Legislation Committee

Joan Bennett (Chair)
Linda St-Hiliare
Lendra Barker
Rob Lindey (Appeal Committee Chair)
Ray Iredale (Registration Committee Chair)
Karsten Kaemling (Discipline Committee Chair),
Lance Novak (Executive Director)
Staff Liaison: Diane Draper

Strategic Planning Committee

Peter Laventhall - Wolfish (Chair)
Larry Kereluke (Ex-officio)
Murray Botterill (Audit Committee Chair)
Richard Paquette
Dr. Paul Eckford
Staff Liaison: Tara Merrimen

Responsible Dog Ownership Committee

Jo-Anne Jefferson (Chair)
Naomi Kane 
Fiona Boulet
Linda St-Hilaire
Paul Eckford 
Staff Liaison: Sarah McDowell

Communications Committee

Corrie Horne
Trina Gallop
Jean Delisle
Emily Gratton
Richard Paquette 
Thomas Nesbitt
Staff Liaison: Lance Novak

Rules of Eligibility (ROE) Committee

Board Liaison: Joan Bennett
Thora Brown
Bill Chisholm
Corinne Walker
Staff Liaison: Leila Bahorie
Diane Draper (Manager, Regulatory)

Independent Standing Committees

Appeal Committee

Chair: Rob Lindey
D. Bruce Fraser
William Miller
Anil Singh
Lionel Whittaker
Staff Liaison: Diane Draper

Audit Committee

Murray Botterill (Chair)
Ted Doane
Tanya Hatton
Staff Liaison: Sandra Piperias

Discipline Committee

Karsten Kaemling (Chair)
Corrine Walker
Lucy Bender
Bob Whitney
Alan Parkinson
Staff Liaison: Diane Draper

Registration Committee

Ray Iredale (Chair)
Elaine Whitney
Lorraine Burch
Jo Ann Pavey
Dwain McLean
Staff Liaison: Leila Bahorie

2019 AGM Planning Committee

Larry Kereluke
Thom Nesbitt
Dave Gilmour


Ad Hoc Committees

ERP Steering (IT4You) Committee 

Peter Laventhall-Wolfish
Murray Botterill
Donna Lee
Roger Bannister
Amanda Kelly
Staff Liaison: Andrew McCallister

Review of the Canine Good Neighbour (CGN) Program

Board Liaison:  Linda St-Hilaire


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