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2022 Top Field Dogs

Top Coursing Dogs - Full Results PDF
Top Pointing Dogs - Full Results PDF

Top Field Beagles - Full Results PDF
Top Field Spaniels - Full Results PDF
Top Retrievers - Full Results PDF

From retrievers, pointers, and spaniels to lure coursing hounds and rabbit hunting Beagles, learn more about the Top Field Dogs who spent 2022 in the field with their favourite people doing their favourite thing.

#1 Lure Coursing Dog – Wirtu Cipher of Andare FCHX2 ACX

Call Name: Cipher
Owners: Ed & Ivy Molloy
Breeder: Janet Milam
Date of Birth: June 3, 2019
Interview with Ed and Ivy Molloy

We are so very proud of our little spitfire Cipher. In 2022, she finished as #1 Hound in CKC Lure Coursing Field Trials, earning 406 points with an average of 25 points per event against some of the strongest coursing hounds in Canada.

We met Cipher’s aunt at an Open Field Coursing event in 2018 and were impressed by her talent and tenacity. When we learned that the aunt’s sister, FC Wirtu’s Star Spangled Girl SC BCAT, was being bred to FC Crestfield Captain Courageous MC BCAT, we decided to add a Whippet to the household. Always busy and endlessly curious, Cipher is the clown and fun police of our pack. Her yodels and silly ‘duck quack’ voice provide much comic relief! We are grateful that Janet Milam allowed Cipher to come to Alberta.
On the field, Cipher has brilliant speed and outstanding agility. After two and a half seasons, she still plays the game honestly and with grit and determination. We value her heart and consistency.

As breeders, we recognize the ultimate test of a hound is hunting in the open field. In November we allowed Cipher to test her mettle against hares in the high desert in Open Field Trials. Hunting with experienced hounds, Cipher pointed and earned the required placements for her Open Field title.
2022 was a ‘once in a lifetime’ year for Andare Hounds. In addition to Cipher’s #1 All Breed Top Ten accomplishment, Greyhound kennel mates Trout and Gala finished as #2 and #8. We are grateful and indebted to the Lure Coursing community in Western Canada. Breeders’ focus on performance, and clubs’ continued efforts to provide venues for competition, have created a supportive, exciting environment.
Thank you!


#1 Amateur Shooting Dog & #1 Open Shooting Dog  AFTCH Trax Fresh Pony RM CD FD TD

Call Name: Esme


Owners: Megan Bastien & Shirley Nilsson

Handler: Megan Bastien

Breeder: Roberta Snow

Date of Birth: August 14, 2018

Cute, sweet, spunky, and extremely eager to please, Esme showed oodles of natural field ability from the start. As a baby pup, she would point anything and everything, butterflies, grasshoppers, songbirds, cats, funny-shaped rocks, you name it. With maturity and experience on wild birds, her focus was honed on just game birds. Being smart as a whip and impressively biddable, Esme was so easy to steady for senior level stakes. Her hallmarks afield are great bird-finding ability, high style and intensity on point and consistently honest and mannerly bird work.
There is a lot of luck in field trials, and Esme was fortunate to have a banner year in 2022 where her talent, experience, training and opportunity to travel combined to produce a perfect storm of success. A versatile and very trainable gal, Esme also competes with great success in obedience, rally, tracking, tricks, field dog tests and water dog tests. Also attaining the #1 Weimaraner in Rally Obedience ranking in 2022.
If you know Weimaraners, then you know how influential, supportive, selfless and talented Esme's co-owner and mentor Shirley Nilsson is in the breeding, training, handling and mentoring of our breed in field, obedience, tracking and show; Deep gratitude, endless thanks and credit to Shirley, the foundation of Esme's team. Hearty thanks also to Esme's breeder Roberta Snow, training partner Terry Meek, Esme's field trial horses for doing their part so well, the many others that helped us get this done with transport, scouting and accommodation assistance and all of the club volunteers involved in hosting trials including the judges for volunteering time in the saddle watching our dogs do what they love to do above all else.

(Photo credit: Megan Bastien)

#1 Field Beagle – FTCH Bionic Tikka

FTCH Bionic Tikka's owners were not available for an interview at the time of publication. 

Hunting Spaniels are skilled at locating, flushing, and retrieving fowl on both land and water. The Canadian Kennel Club's Top Field Spaniels of 2022 list includes events from October 2021 to the end of 2022, including National results. Starting in 2023, the results will be tabulated by calendar year, as are all our other events.

#1 Open All-Age Field Spaniel – FTCH AFTCH NOSC Bushbuster's Colt Forty Five MH 

Call Name: Colt
English Springer Spaniel
 Stan Pappas
Handler: Stan Pappas
Breeder: Wade Chipman
Date of Birth: May 25, 2015
Stan Pappas: Colt is a "once in a lifetime" hunting dog and I am honored to have him! 
Colt showed his intelligence at a very early date. He started by winning the first six events he was entered in and was named "High Point Canadian Puppy". I was so impressed, that while he was still a puppy, I entered him in an Open Event, and he did not disappoint. He won first place in his second attempt as an Open Dog and championed out before his second birth date.
Colt just keeps on winning:
2017 High Point Canadian Puppy
2018 High Point Canadian Open Dog
CKC # 1 Dog for the Year
2022 National Field Trial Champion and
CKC #1 Dog for the Year!
He has also won his "Master Hunter" title in the minimum required attempts skipping all the preliminary events. He is still competing and winning, at the age of eight and shows no effects of age. 
As a sire: his pups show his intelligence and have countless achievements!
The saying is: "Great dogs start early, stay long, and reproduce themselves". 
Colt has certainly met all the criteria and filled all the boxes!
He is a great dog and a greater family member! 
A great deal of thanks goes to my training partners and friends, Gary Shantz, Tom & Myra Bratrud, Greg Royer, and Casey Butz who helped along the way. Thanks to my wife Myra who has supported me and my dogs for over fifty years.
Facts speak for themselves. I'll say no more!

#1 Amateur All-Age Field Spaniel – TIE – AFTCH Jaegercourt Ruffles

AFTCH Jaegercourt Ruffles' owners were not available for an interview at the time of publication. 

#1 Amateur All-Age Field Spaniel – TIE – AFTCH Starbury Superspeed

Call Name: Nitro
English Springer Spaniel
Owner: Bonnie J O’Grady
Handler: Frank J O’Grady
Breeder: Shane Cresswell
Date of Birth:  September 29, 2016                                                                                                                       

Retrievers, Poodles, and Irish Water Spaniels may compete in retriever field trials. Dogs are tested both on their ability to mark the location of downed birds and on their retrieving skill over land or in the water. At the higher levels, dogs are required to carry out very sophisticated retrieving tests, including marking multiple birds and finding unmarked birds.The Canadian Kennel Club congratulates 2022’s Top Field Retrievers.

#1 Combined & Open All-Age Retriever  FTCH RHR Belmont's Sweet Baby Surprise

Call Name: Texas
Labrador Retriever
Owner: Kevin Hill
Handler: Kevin Hill
Breeder: Sherry Page
Date of Birth: March 3, 2012

Kevin Hill:
Wow, what an amazing sport we all get to enjoy. Travelling to so many wonderful places and receiving such gracious hospitality from everyone. What a thrilling season we had!!
Texas would like to thank everyone who has ever thrown or shot a mark for her, and at 10 1/2, that’s a large number of people. I also would like to thank the throwers and gunners! To everyone that volunteers their time to help put on Retriever events, without your efforts, this sport would not exist. Thank you from both of us!
A deep thank you to all clubs and landowners who provide trial and training grounds across North America available for my kennel to use!
Texas just pawed at me to remind me of the phenomenal care she receives from some very talented professionals. Dr Eric Galmut of Aaron Animal Hospital, Surrey, BC; Dr. Dennie Bassham of Bassham Veterinary Quitman, GA; Dr. Jennell Appel of Sports Vet, Thomasville, GA; and Dr Raceeta MacKenzie of Peak Animal Wellness Services Langley, BC. We thank you for maintaining Texas’s body and mind. 
A very special thank you to my wife, who is always there for our team. She is a true leader of the pack!
We wish all of you good luck in the 2023 season!


#1 Amateur All-Age Retriever  – AFTCH Quackaddict Voo Doo Child JH

Call Name: Jamie
Labrador Retriever
Owner: Connie Swanson
Handler: Connie Swanson
Breeder: Al Custers
Date of Birth: January 24, 2014
Connie Swanson:  
Jamie might look a little like a whippet, but she lives up to her excellent Labrador field trial pedigree! She came to us as a young dog when her owner/breeder/trainer Al Custers was suffering from cancer treatment and asked me to keep her training and trialling. Tragically, Al succumbed, and Jamie became queen of Flatlands as she joined our 3 males as a house dog and terrific competitor. 
Jamie is a tiny talented dog with a huge heart and great courage who has had an amazing career, having as much success in the US as in Canada. She has amassed over 100 US/Canadian All-Age points, has qualified for 2 US Nationals, and has been a Finalist in several Canadian Nationals. 
Jamie is also a wonderful mom and has produced youngsters who are having success on both sides of the border. Most of all, she is a tremendously joyful dog, just as happy sitting on our laps on the sofa as mouse hunting while on the daily runs at our farm or bringing in that last tough bird in a big trial.
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