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2022 Top Show Dogs

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In 2022, many of us celebrated a return to dog shows after the pandemic. We got to travel again, catch up with dearly missed friends, and celebrate beautiful dogs both mature and new puppies we raised during periods of lockdowns.

The Top Show Dogs system awards one point for every dog defeated from Best of Breed competition to Best in Show. Top Dogs are ranked according to the Top 5 in each breed, the Top 10 in each group, and the Top 10 all breeds.

Canada’s number one show dog 2022 for All Breeds is Arthur, a handsome Brittany Spaniel who brought his owners into the wonderful world of dog shows!

We caught up with the owners of Canada’s Top 10 Show Dogs to find more about these Conformation stars.

#1 – GCHEX Rivermist Broxden Magnuttic JT AGNJ FDJ CGN 

Call Name: Arthur
Brittany Spaniel
Breeders: Allyson Godfroid, Amy Booth & Phil Booth
Owners: Craig & Diane Storey
Handler: Emily Burdon
Date of Birth: January 22, 2018
Place of Birth: Ontario, Canada

Craig Storey: What an amazing journey with a remarkable Brittany. Initially, Diane and I wanted a medium sized, active, intelligent, affectionate dog to join our home from a breeder that focused on function as much as form. Our criteria narrowed us down to the Brittany Spaniel. Arthur is everything we were looking for and was bred by Rivermist Brittanys and Allyson Godfroid. Ultimately this became our introduction to the world of dog shows and it has been a pleasure watching Arthur become a record setting ambassador for his breed.

We are very proud of all of the accolades, and all the “firsts” for his breed that Arthur has been able to achieve. We were humbled to be some judge’s first, and some judge’s last awarded BIS this past year. Equally, he is our perfect family dog that is always willing and happy to take part in whatever adventures we think of. I believe it is this Brittany trait that makes him as special as he is and the once in a life time dog we all dream of having.

Thank you to a village of people that helped Arthur on this journey: Allyson for encouraging and helping us along the way. Emily for perfect presentation and giving Arthur a home away from home. CJ’s skilled hand with puppies and teaching a newbie the ropes. Graeme Burdon, Ashley Martins, and Monica Park presenting Arthur when Emily and CJ could not. The many fans cheering us on. The judges for their recognition and their kind words of praise and encouragement to a newcomer. Finally, the kennel clubs putting in many hours so we can enjoy our dog sports.

We are excited for what the future holds for this brilliant little Brittany we know as the best dog we have had to bless our lives.

#2 – GCHG Skyehigh's Video Game

Call Name: Atari
West Highland White Terrier
Breeder: Lindy Barrow
Owner: Lindy Barrow
Handlers: David & Pat Gignac
Date of Birth: May 26, 2019
Place of Birth: Ontario, Canada

Lindy Barrow: I am incredibly honoured to be the breeder of Skyehigh’s Video Game, known as Atari. Skyehigh’s breeding program is the result of many years of planning and selection of what is hoped to be the best of the litter. Atari comes from such planning. Parents and grandparents are looked at both from genotype and phenotype in the selection process. Even with all this planning, the result does not always give a dog with both correct conformation and the desire to show; Atari has both. Add to this a very experienced handler, David Gignac, who has built an amazing relationship with the dog to achieve such a high level of results.

Atari is a very happy dog who has a true Westie attitude and misses nothing. When he sees children playing or people running you will hear him, he thinks there must be something exciting they are doing and wants to be part of it. He carries this attitude into the show ring. Yet there is another side to him, the one who loves to get onto the bed and snuggle.

I especially want to thank David and Pat Gignac for Atari’s wonderful care, conditioning, and handling. Then there are all of the judges who have awarded Atari his wins, the clubs for putting on the shows, the team at ShowScene for producing his beautiful ads, the photographers that gave us photos, the show secretaries and all of our friends who have helped us. Without all of you we could not have accomplished Atari’s position as #2 Dog All Breed and #1 Terrier in 2022.

(Photo credit: Celso Mollo)

#3 – GCHG Lionking Blaze Of Glory

Call Name: Blaze
Nathalie Lachance
Co-Breeders: Robert Denis & Barbara Denis
Owners: Nathalie Lachance, Robert Denis, Gilles Chaloux, Michel Chaloux & Thomas Curley
Handler: Thomas Curley
Date of Birth: November 3, 2019
Place of Birth: Quebec, Canada

 Nathalie Lachance: The year 2022 will be forever engraved in my memory. It will always be for me the symbol of the realization of a great dream to have had the chance and the honour to compete with the greatest and to reach the Status of Number 3 All Breed in Canada. 
Blaze, the dog of a lifetime, a dog of exceptional quality, the result of the passion and hard work of all those pillars and mentors who have made the breed what it is today; an icon whose quality and worldwide fame of the Canadian Pekingese has crossed the ages. I could never have hoped to achieve this feat without the torch of those who preceded me, whom I affectionately call the “Peke Gods” Mr. Nigel Aubrey Jones and Mr. Bill Taylor. I hope Blaze makes you proud.
Blaze has great physical qualities, but I think what makes him a star is his heart, his bravery.
He always gives it all he's got, you can count on him, he won't let you down. I hope that this is what we will remember about him.
Team Blaze is made up of friends from all over the world, which makes it an unusual, colourful and lively team, which made the experience even more exciting and interesting! Friendship is the cement and the foundation of our adventure, I would like to thank all the members of our team as much as those on paper as those in our respective entourages for their support and their dedication to the realization of this feat, especially a HUGE THANK YOU to Tom Curley for the unique and deep bond that he was able to create with Blaze and for his masterful art of presenting him with such perfection. This image of Blaze and Tom in the ring will remain forever a source of happiness and great pride for me.
The Blaze family has lived and still lives great challenges that are intertwined with great joys like this one and that makes us realize how fragile life is, how precious health is, and how important it is to make the most of every happy moment. I think that the Blaze adventure is one that has brought us this precious happiness and I thank all those who have allowed us to live these unforgettable moments.
To conquer without peril is to triumph without glory! 

#4 – GCHEX Hierarch's Sympathy For The Devil SDN ATD RATN VA

Call Name: Pagan
Doberman Pinscher
Breeders: Lindsay Philyaw, Phil Philyaw & Ashley Ring
Owners: Candice Schacher, Dr. Neil Hanon & Lindsay Philyaw
Handler: Michelle Yeadon
Date of Birth: June 28, 2019
Place of Birth: North Carolina, USA
Candice Schacher: In talking with a friend about this past year, I mentioned that the stars had really aligned for us. Neil and I found breeders Lindsay and Phil Philyaw and Ashley Ring that researched a pedigree that produced lovely puppies. We were able to allow me the time to do the foundation work and to continually condition Pagan both physically and mentally. I believe that Pagan did this for me and I was able to accompany her to almost all of the shows so she could be ‘a dog’ for at least part of her day and have her type of fun. We were able to secure a handler, Michelle Yeadon, with years of experience not only showing dogs but through her own successful breeding program, raising, and preparing them for the ring. We had a following of friends that I messaged immediately post Pagan's day and win or lose, they provided support. Her breeder Lindsay didn’t miss a CDF live stream of Best in Show.
Pagan has amazed us and we thank the judges that awarded her. Pagan has amassed 24 BIS, 20 RBIS, 2 BISS, 86 Group 1, 44 Group 2, 17 Group 3, and 6 Group 4. In the short time we had away from showing she achieved her RATI, RATN, SDN, ATD and VA titles.
Neil and I are thrilled with Pagan achieving the 2022 #4 All Breed position, the Top Working Dog position, and Top Doberman for 18 months since 2021. The stars indeed aligned as with any one of the pieces missing we would not be where we are today. Each piece lends itself beautifully to the whole, and Neil and I are grateful and recognize the privilege we have of being a part of this star team.

(Photo credit JumpStart Photography)

#5 – GCHG Classique Ivy Lane Moonstruck

Call Name: Nicholas
Standard Poodle
Breeder: Tanis Gardner
Owner: Donna Crispi
Handler: Kim Wendling
Date of Birth: February 25, 2020
Place of Birth: Burlington, Ontario
Tanis Gardner: Nicholas was one of 3 boys from a small litter and from a very young age he constantly caught our attention with his poise, “look at me” attitude, and the perfect stacks he was hitting in the yard at 5 weeks old. There was never a question he could be an exceptional show dog. He started showing at 6 months in the limited number of restricted shows running due to COVID. We spent his puppy career high on a hill at Elora Gorge with binoculars and cameras, trying our best to see him in the ring. He finished his Canadian championship quickly and went on to finish his American championship in 5 days of showing with 4 majors and BOB’s from the classes.

Nicholas began his Canadian Specials career with Kim Wendling handling in 2022. They were an exciting team to watch and cheer on in the ring. Nicholas did a lot of significant winning showing, but he was also a character outside the ring. Everyone knew him and would come over for hugs. He loved the kids at the shows and was always happy to see them and be fussed over. When he misbehaved in the ring and Kim talked sternly to him, he would wag his tail and almost be “smiling” as if enjoying his joke on her. 

Nicholas will be getting a significant haircut shortly, saying goodbye to his magnificent poodle specials coat. He’ll retire to our 25 acre farm, where he loves walks in the woods and endlessly chasing Canada Geese around the pond. Classique Ivy Lane sincerely thanks all the judges that awarded him wins and a special thanks to Kim Wendling for the tremendous amount of work she did maintaining his coat, trimming, and presenting him. It’s always a mixed feeling moment when a successful show dog retires.

#6 – GCHB Laureate Diamond Is Forever

Call Name: Diamond
Shetland Sheepdog
Breeders: Kim Aston & Pete Adrian Culumovic
Owner: Kenji Shigi
Handler: Sydney Robinson
Date of Birth: November 28, 2018
Place of Birth: Ontario, Canada 
Pete Adrian Culumovic: Diamond was born at Laureate in Ottawa, Canada and acquired as a young puppy by Kenji Shigi of Osaka, Japan.

As with all of our dogs, Sydney’s journey with Diamond began at an early age. The mutual sparkle in their eyes was evident right away, and it was fun to see their connection grow. After a successful puppy season, Sydney and Diamond spent a lot of time chilling and hanging out during Covid. Finally, shows started up again, and fun in the ring returned, with touring across Canada and the USA together, culminating in Diamond’s Canadian campaign in 2022.
Diamond’s show highlights include:

2019 - Canadian Multiple Best Puppy in Show wins and US Specialty Majors as a puppy
2021 - American National Winners Bitch and Best of Winners
2021 - 4 American Bests in Specialty in one weekend
2021 and early 2022 - USA Number 5 in Sheltie all-breed ranking in limited showing
2022 - 12 Best in Show, 18 RBIS, 79 Group Firsts, 2 Bests in Specialty, new Annual Points Record for Shelties
2022 - # 1 Sheltie # 1 Herding # 6 Amongst All Breeds

Our sincere appreciation to the judges for recognizing Diamond’s beauty and conformation, and awarding her so highly. Thank you, Sydney, for being our partner in the selection, training, care, and presentation of our Shelties. Thank you, Kenji Shigi, for your ongoing support and friendship, and good luck with Diamond in Japan.

#7 – GCHS Necesse's Defendo Dominus

Call Name: Dom
Scottish Deerhound 
Pia Erasmie
Owners: Lynne Bruce & Heidi Gervais
Handler: Heidi Gervais
Date of Birth: April 10, 2019
Place of Birth: Lund, Sweden
Lynne Bruce: Dominic (GCHS Necesse’s Defendo Dominus) came from his breeder Pia Erasmie in Sweden.
We started Dom in the show ring in June of 2022 at the Nanaimo Kennel Club. He finished his Championship that weekend with three Best of Breeds and a Group first, second, and fourth. This was a great start. The next show he won all four Hound Groups including his first Best in Show as well as two Reserve Best in Shows. He was clearly making an impression. He continued to place strongly in the Group and his second Best in Show was by the Finnish Judge Paula Ahlman-Stockmari. Later she told me that when he first walked into her ring, she could not take her eyes off him.
This was the start of Dom’s International Appeal. He was entered at Canada’s largest show of the year next and was awarded Group first and Best in Show by Ecuadorian Judge Adrien Landarte, Shawn Nichols, Canada, also awarded him Best in Show. Judge Hisayoshi Kadowaki from Japan also awarded him Reserve Best in show. That weekend, he also won the Alberta Sporting Hound Association last specialty over 125 other hounds, following in Polly’s footsteps as she won it the year before.
These wins catapulted Dom to number one Hound and he stayed there for the rest of the year while gradually climbing up the top all-breed stats to finally end the year as number seven All-Breed in the Country in only six months of showing. He is working on his GChG and his record to date is:

19 All-Breed Best in Shows
2 Specialty Best in Shows
10 Reserve Best in Shows
51 Group Firsts
12 other Group placements

#8 – GCHG Captiva Chamberlayne MrBigStuf

Call Name: Johnny
Irish Setter
Jillian Taylor
Owners: Jillian Taylor & William Alexander
Handler: William Alexander
Date of Birth: July 24, 2017
Place of Birth: Cambridge, Ontario
Jillian Taylor: 2022 was a memorable year for Captiva. Johnny became Captiva's 19th Best in Show winner. He also became the second Canadian dog to ever win the Irish Setter Club of America National specialty, the first being Am Can Ch. McCamon Marquis who won in 1977 and 1979. Johnny is Captiva's 4th dog to be ranked in The Top 10 dogs of All Breeds in Canada. Johnny is the first dog Will has co-owned to be in the Top 10 dogs of All Breeds. 

Special thank you to Jennifer McClintock-Shirley for stepping in and helping Will when needed.  

#9 – GCHEX Tumbleweed Valubal Gamechanger RI NS ATD

Call Name: Marshall
Old English Sheepdog
Breeder: Catherine Schellenberg
Owner: Valerie Bandas
Handler: Valerie Bandas
Date of Birth: July 5, 2018
Place of Birth: Alberta, Canada

Valerie Bandas: What can I say about Marshall? At four years old, he has accomplished so much! He is the best ambassador for the breed, making friends wherever he goes! In November, we were fortunate to meet and have a photo shoot with a fabulous band named “The Sheepdogs”. What a great bunch of musicians. They loved Marshall and were fascinated that he too was “on tour” in 2022! So many great photos and videos were taken that day!
Marshall was only shown a total of 17 weekends in 2022 starting in mid-April when we arrived home from Arizona. For Marshall to finish #9 All Breeds with such limited showing, still amazes me. He keeps me on my toes, but never lets me down. Thank you to all the judges who have awarded him. I am so grateful and proud to be at the end of his lead.
It is a huge time and financial commitment being an owner handler. I couldn’t do it without the encouragement and support of my husband, Max. Not only does he manage everything that needs attention on our acreage (including horses, dogs, cats) - he is Marshall’s biggest fan! Our daughter, Katherine comes to many shows with me, which is great fun. On weekends when she isn’t with me, she visits Peachranch and keeps her Dad fed and socialized. 
Dog shows aren’t only about the ribbons. It is about the friendships that you make and keep along the way. Thank you to my many wonderful friends for making dog shows so much fun. At the end of the day there is always dinner, a few drinks and laughs (so many laughs!). Without you, there would be no reason to continue. Cheers to you all!

#10 – GCHG Limelite's Tee Off

Call Name: Ping
Australian Shepherd
Breeders: Kelly Holder, Betsy J Atkinson & Devon Benbrook 
Owners: Chantal Masson, Cynthia Larocque, Mélodie C Marois & Adam J Tavares III 
Handler: Chelby Marling 
Date of Birth: March 28, 2019
Place of Birth: Oregon, USA
Chantal Masson: Ping's campaign was quite an adventure. An adventure that allowed us to realize our wildest dreams. It started with the idea of buying a high-quality puppy from a reputable breeder. When he offered us Ping, we were thrilled. We are very grateful to AJ Tavares for giving us the opportunity to experience this adventure and own this wonderful dog.

We had no experience in campaigning a dog and it would have been impossible without our exceptional handler, Chelby Marling. She was masterful in guiding us. Thank you for all the love and care you gave Ping. Thank you also for your endless patience with your very francophone Quebecers. Simply understanding us was a challenge.

One of our most memorable moments is without a doubt the first time we saw Ping and Chelby in competition. It was in Quebec at St-Agapit. After having won the breed and made 1st in group, how exciting to attend the best in show! We were stressed, emotional and happy at the same time. We were able to shout and applaud when our dog passed by and what a joy to be there for Ping's first Best in Show Reserve, WOW!

We want to thank all the judges who recognized and appreciated Ping. Without you, all this would have been impossible. You do a very thankless but oh so important job in conditions that can at times be challenging such as heat, rain, and wind.

So, in closing, thanks again to Chelby and Team Ace for all the support, love and patience and also to all those who have contributed in any way to Ping's success.


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