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PetTech Solutions

Premier Dog Breeding Devices

PetTech Solutions has the tools to make the most of your canine breeding program.

Canadian company, PetTech Solutions, proudly supports you and what you love most! From cheering you on at shows and events, to providing member exclusive launches, products, education, and savings. Members can log-in to the CKC Portal to obtain CKC member only discount codes.
Tried and True Solutions for Professional Breeders

At PetTech, we (hand over heart) go to great lengths to vet products before adding them to our portfolio. Our aim is to continue bringing you the best-in-class breeding products that deliver on their promise, always. We source proven products worldwide and design and manufacture the best solutions for breeders.

PetTech Solutions wholeheartedly supports the best breeders and delivers value beyond just quality products. You can expect supportive, helpful, and knowledgeable service.


Breeder-Designed, Canadian-Made Whelping Boxes and Accessories

Every litter is different. The needs of breeders are unique. That’s why we engineered modular, durable whelping boxes that can be assembled and disassembled for storage in minutes.

With sizes to suit all breeds, your box includes easily removable puppy rails to keep puppies safe, a leak proof bottom-pan to protect your floors, an adjustable height and solid front door.

Each PetTech Whelping Box is hand welded for smooth edges and a safe environment with no small parts making it extremely easy to clean and disinfect.

All our whelping boxes are designed by breeders, for breeders, and 100% hand crafted in Canada.

Assembly Couldn’t Be Easier
PetTech Whelping Boxes are easy to assemble, disassemble and convert to best suit your space and needs.

The modular design gives you the freedom to change Single Boxes to Double Boxes with a weaning pen & Double Boxes into Separate Single Boxes at any time with our Conversion Kits.

Detect Pregnancy and Ovulation Cycles with Ease

Reduce the stress and anxiety associated with reproduction by pinpointing ovulation cycles with the Ovulation Detector, so you know the best time to breed. From there, our at-home Bellylabs Canine Pregnancy Rapid Test empowers you with the convenience of immediate confirmation or exclusion of pregnancy, no travel required.
“In our opinion, the Draminski Dog Ovulation Detector is the best canine breeding support tool that you’ve never heard of,” said Karen Abbott, founder of PetTech Solutions. “Or maybe you have heard about it and thought it might be expensive or difficult. Rest assured, our promise to you is that it works, it’s easy and it contributes significantly to your breeding programs bottom line.”


Ultrasound Systems Designed Specifically for Professional Breeders

Evaluating ultrasound machines is challenging, but we’ve done the research and only recommend the best for breeders’ systems. Ultrasound scanners come in all shapes and sizes, and it can be difficult to know where to start. After vetting many scanners, we committed to only high-quality, safe ultrasound machines, carefully selected from professional, reputable manufacturers with breeders in mind. From the best in engineering and design with complete obstetrics packages for breeders to accurately determine fetal gestational age and anticipate whelping dates.
The internet is full of ‘amazing’ deals, but there are some critical things to be aware of when choosing an ultrasound machine for dog pregnancy work. As a breeder, owning your own ultrasound machine can quickly pay for itself and become an invaluable part of your breeding program, but choosing the right machine and supplier is essential. We’ve got you covered!

Canine Pregnancy Ultrasound Education Coming Online Soon!

We invest considerable resources in our training and support programs, providing you with the knowledge and know-how to confidently operate your ultrasound device. We’ll train you on how to use our products, back them up with strong support and cheer you on to success.

PetTech is driven by a commitment to high-quality solutions. We only partner with the best in engineering and design, ensuring our customers receive the best technology available. 

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