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Canadians Wow at Westminster

With an entry of 113 dogs and 68 ‘brags’ and an exciting final lineup for BIS judge Dr. Meen—our past CKC President and former long-serving Chairman of the Board—it was another impressive year for Canadians at the 140th Westminster Dog Show. 
The ‘toast of the town’ and the hopes of the country lay on the tiny shoulders of the striking, black-and-whiteWKCWinner_ShihTzu.jpg Shih Tzu GCh. Wenrick’s Don’t Stop Believing, bred by Wendy, Jody and Richard Paquette of northern Ontario. The Paquettes knew from the time ‘Panda’ was born that he would be the consummate show dog. He has proven that in spades. Panda finished 2015 as the No. 2 Shih Tzu in the U.S. The cherry on top was winning Group 1st at Westminster. Panda would be the fifth Shih Tzu in Westminster history to earn this honour. “It was a thrilling experience to be the co-breeder of 'Panda' the Shih Tzu, winner of the Toy Group at the 2016 Westminster Dog Show,” said Richard Paquette. “It was also the culmination of 45 years of hard work and dedication to breeding healthy, quality dogs conforming to breed standard with excellent temperaments and structure. A dream come true for any breeder. Congratulations to all the Canadian dog breeders who did so well this year. We share your pride!”
WKCBOB_AmericanEskimo.jpgAnother Canadian grabbing media attention was American Eskimo Dog Can. GChX & Am. GCh. Nuuktok’s Atka Inukshuk by breeder/owner Sharon Robertson of Ontario. Inuk has entered the Westminster history books again this year, after winning Best of Breed for the eighth consecutive year. Inuk ties the consecutive breed-win record with Ben, an Akita, who achieved this feat in 1995. As Canada’s Top Standard American Eskimo Dog since his show career began, clearly there is no stopping this dog.

Group 2nd in the Working Group was won by Boxer GCh. Mephisto’s Speak Of The Devil.
‘Devlin,’ bred by Michelle and Peter Yeadon and Monika Pinsker of British Columbia, was the Top Working Dog and No. 9, all breeds, in the U.S in 2015, accumulating 33,815 points.

WKCWinner_Pomeranian.jpgGroup 3rd in the Toy Group was won by Pomeranian Am. GCh. HiTimes What The Inferno. Danny was bred by Joan and Ashley Carcasole of Calgary. He won the breed and placed second in the group last year. Campaigned solely in the U.S., Danny finished 2015 as the No. 2 Dog, all breeds, earning 64,622 points.

Following are wins at the breed level (to AOM):
Sporting Group: American Cocker Spaniel (Black) GCh. Mar-K’s Sunrise At Midnight, Award of Merit (co-breeder Marlene Ness). Field Spaniel GCh. Winfarthing Pride & Prejudice SH, RN, Award of Merit (co-breeder Peter Archer). German Wirehaired Pointer Ch. Nuthatch’s Those Old Emotions, Select Dog (breeder/owner Heather Brennan). Golden Retriever Castlefin’s Night In The City, Winners Dog (breeder/owner/handler Robyn McGonigle). Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever GCh. Pikkinokka’s Lightning Bug, Best of Breed (co-breeder Til Niquidet). Pointers Ch. Seasyde Chise, Best of Opposite Sex, and Ch. Seasyde Brilliance, Select Bitch (littermates co-bred by Hailey Griffith). Wirehaired Vizsla GCh. Zoldmali Cetli RN, FDJ, Best of Breed (owner Anton Josef Sagh).
Hound Group: Basset Hound Ch. Ace Ventura Vejus Gluosniuose, Award of Merit (owner Mary Greenwood). Norwegian Elkhound Ch. Daggarwoods Bjorn 2B A Star, Select Bitch (breeders/owners Nicole Casavechia & Kevin Richard). Petit Bassset Griffon Vendeen GCh. Auriga Peter Parker, won Best of Breed from the classes and made the cut in the group (breeders/owners Wendy & Martin Doherty; handler Will Alexander).
Working Group: Akita GCh. Alder’s Strike It Rich, Award of Merit (breeder/owner Gail Hamilton). Bernese Mountain Dogs GCh. Avatars Smooth Criminal, Best of Breed and made the cut in the group (co-breeder/co-owner Kim Groves) and Ch. Belnois Romeo Ruba Cuori, Award of Merit (co-breeder/co-owner Veronique Matte-Paquet). Black Russian Terrier GCh. Sora’s Legacy Zara, Select Bitch (owner Maria Mastroianni). Bullmastiff Ch. Bramstokes Dirty Little Secret, Select Bitch (breeders Pam McClintock & Kay Reil; owner/handler Michelle Atkinson). Giant Schnauzer GCh. Nightline Viking A Tanglewood, Best of Breed and made the cut in the group (co-breeder Deborah Wiebe), GCh. Lowdown Remys Girl V Ardenhout, Select Bitch (breeder/owner/handler Janine Starink) and Innovations Heaven’s On Fire, Best of Winners (breeders L. Wiebe, Shaunna Bernadin & Dave D’Amour; owners Susan  Milton Lloyd & Nancy Brown). Portuguese Water Dogs GCh. Seabury’s Sophie Tucker, Select Bitch (breeders/owners Roslyn Eskind & John Brown) and Ch. Claircreek Faro Do Atlantico, Award of Merit (breeder/owner Donna Gottdenker). Siberian Huskies GCh. Nanook’s This Girl Is On Fire, Best of Opposite Sex (breeder/owner/handler Annette Dionne), GChX Snowmist’s Wind N’Reigning CGN, Select Dog (breeder Kim Ramey-Leblanc; owners Dorothea Zilke & Raymond B Zilke) and GCh. Highlander’s Rumour Has It, Award of Merit (owners Marc Ralsky & Correen Pacht).
Terrier Group: Cesky Terriers GCh. Milenka’s Hector In Act Four CGCA, Best of Breed (breeder Karsten Kaemling) and GCh. Zlatapraha Gillespie Bluefire, Select Dog (breeder Wendy Craig). Irish Terrier GCh. Red Branch D’Artagnan Of The Ring, Best of Breed (owner Mary Joy Veil).
Lakeland Terriers GCh. Northcote’s Fire Ranger, Best of Opposite Sex (breeder/owner Terri Alloway; co-owner Crystal Davies) and Saredon Sea Raven, Select Dog (co-owner/handler Hailey Griffith). Miniature Bull Terrier, Ch. Imaginabull’s First Edition, Best of Breed (breeders/owners Teresa & David Moffitt). Welsh Terrier Ch. Darwyn’s Santa Maria, Select Bitch (breeder/owner Larisa Hotchin). West Highland White Terriers Ch. Blythfell Mathilde, Best of Opposite Sex (breeder/owner Carol Hufnagel) and Ch. Flashlight Thunder V. Paradise Of Wind, Select Dog (breeders/owners Lindy Barrow and Joerg & Martina Bauer).
Toy Group: Italian Greyhound Raindance Darkness Falls, Select Dog (co-breeder Katarzyna Talma). Havanese Ch. Rockhurst’s Smile, Best of Opposite Sex (breeder/owner Elizabeth J Obrecht) and GCh. Mistytrails Reddi N’Will’n, Award of Merit (owner Emily Dorma). Miniature Pinscher GCh. Wannabee M’Daddy’s Hooked On Hooch, Select Dog (owners Myrna & Dixie Keyser; handler Dixie Keyser). Pekingese Ch. Livanda Fabbiano, Select Dog (owner Howard Hao Fan). Pug Jimary Belaire Silk Stockings, Select Bitch (breeders James & Mary Lou Dymand & Laurie Campbell). Shih Tzu Ch. Symarun Workn Onmy Masterpiece, Best of Opposite Sex (breeders and co-owners Carrie & Carol Randle; co-owner June Fraser). Yorkshire Terrier Ch. Hunderwood Heaven Sent, Award of Merit (owner Irina Falk).

Non-Sporting Group: American Eskimo Dogs Ch. Nuuktok’s All Eyes On M E, Select Dog (breeder Sharon Robertson) and Ch. Nuuktok’s Great Expectations, Select Bitch (breeder/owner Sharon Robertson). Boston Terrier GCh. Waylin’s Baja Rosa, an Award of Merit (owners Teresa Brereton & Mike Brereton) and Waylin’s Badass Beatch, Best of Winners (breeders/owners Teresa Brereton, Mike Brereton & Linda Moss).. French Bulldog Karendon’s It’s All About Me, Select Bitch and Award of Merit (breeder/owner Karen Cram). Miniature Poodles GCh. Bellefleet Don’t Pass Me By, Best of Opposite Sex (breeders/owners Alysia & Joanne Reichertz) and Ch. Bellefleet’s Stealth Force, Award of Merit (breeder Alysia Reichertz; owner/handler Stephanie Poot). Schipperke Ch. Bonchien Lawless V Jet, Best of Breed (owner Susan Woodliffe). Standard Poodle Ch. Gala Brighton Lakeridge Reflections Of Me! Select Bitch (co-breeder Allison Cowie; owner Ron & Debbie Scott). Xoloitzcuintli GCh. Besitos Tepal, Award of Merit (owners Patricia Pentland & Raul Olvera).
Herding Group: Australian Shepherd GCh. Hearthside Riveredge Sure Is Summum CGN, Best of Opposite Sex (owner Catherine Poitras).Bearded Collie GCh. Classical’s My Turn, Select Dog (breeders/owners Julie Kempster & Bea Sawka). Beauceron Jaguar Noir Des Monts Du Lac, Select Bitch (owner Joanne Boudreault). Belgian Sheepdog Ch. Celebre Journey to Chantryile, Best of Breed (owners Eleanor Heagy & Shery Alligood). Belgian Tervuren GCh. Mishaook’s Lautrec PT, Select Dog (bred by the late, great Skip Stanbridge). Border Collie GCh. Hollowshot’s A Twist of Fate, Award of Merit (breeder Maxine Netherway). Bouvier des Flandres GCh. Stonepillar’s Steel Blu, Best of Breed and made the cut in the group (breeder Bruce & Diane Ham; co-owner Elaine Paquette), Ch. Quiche’s Luck Be A Lady, Best of Opposite Sex (breeder/owner Elaine & Louise Paquette) and GCh. Brocade Lil Duece Coupe Barjen, Select Dog (breeder/owner Sandra Brind, Yvonne Savard & Ray Waterman). Finnish Lapphund GCh. Bearspaw Sampo, Award of Merit (breeder/co-owner Nicole & Elizabeth Prokopishyn). German Shepherd Dog GChX Signature’s Harry Nile V Kridler, Best of Opposite Sex (owners Emily Burdon & Raul Olvera; handler Emily Burdon. Old English Sheepdogs GCh. Tumbleweed’s Valubal Maui Nani, Select Bitch (breeders Val Bandas & Catherine Schellenberg; owners Uwe & Catherine Schellenberg), GCh. Bagatelle Rolling Moon Stone, Select Dog (breeder/owner Bernard & Joanne Charest) and Ch. Valubal Fitch Blake, Award of Merit (breeder/owner Val Bandas; co-owner Matthieu Vincent). Shetland Sheepdogs GCh. Grandgables Turn On The Charm, Select Dog (breeders/owners Guy Jeavons & Mark Houston-McMillan) and Ch. Linkridge Blackberry, Award of Merit (breeder/owner Karen Linkletter). Swedish Vallhund GCh. Goldlegacy Ulfrun Leif Magisk, Select Dog and Award of Merit (owner Susan & Fraser Laing).
While we have made every effort to include all Canadian Westminster winners, if you know of a Canadian win that does not appear in above list, please contact us at and, upon confirmation, an update will be made.
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