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Changes to Policy and Procedure Manual

The following chapters of the Policy and Procedures Manual has been updated:
Chapter I, Administration
Section L, Disposal Policy, Sub-Section 6(e), (f) – Amended
Section L, Disposal Policy, Sub-Section 6(h), (i), (j) - Added
Chapter III, Membership
Section B, Membership Categories, Sub-Section 1(a)(b) – Amended
Section I, Members of Minor Age, Sub-Sections 2 & 3 - Deleted
Appendix 1 – Membership Benefits – Amended
Chapter IV, Registration
Section F, Registration Guidelines, Sub-Section 12 - Amended
Chapter V, Club Policy
Section A, General – Amended
Section B, Types of Clubs, Sub-Section 1(b)(2) - Added
Section B, Types of Clubs, Sub-Section 2(ii) - Added
Chapter VI, Shows and Trials
Section O, Field Trials & Tests (Electronic Tracking Device), Sub-Section 3 (b) – Added
Section W, Event Registration Number, Sub-Section 1 – Amended
Section Y, Judging Schedules, Sub-Section 2 - Added
Section Z, Role, Duty & Powers of the Show Superintendent – Added
Chapter VII, Judges
Section B, Applicant Conformation Judges, Sub-Section 2 – Amended
Section C, Applicant Beagle Field Trial Judges, Sub-Section 8(a) - Amended
Section D, Applicant Obedience Trial Judges, Sub-Section 7(c) (4) – Added
Section G, Applicant Tracking Test Judges, Sub-Section 6(b) – Amended
Section H, Applicant Herding Trial Judges, Sub-Section 6 – Amended
Chapter X, Committees, Councils and Appointments
Section A, General, Sub-Section 3 – Amended
Section B, Standing Committees – Terms of Reference, Sub-Section 10 - Amended
Section D, Standing Councils – General, Sub-Section 7 - Amended
Procedure CM001 – Representation Before a Decision-Making Committee,
Sub-Section 4(e) – Added
Chapter XI, Regulatory
Section A, General, Sub-Section 6(h) – Added
Section B, Discipline Committee, Sub-Section 3(c) – Amended
Section C, Appeal Committee, Sub-Section 2(a) - Amended
Appendix 1, Discipline Penalty Guidelines, Shows & Trials, (p) – Added
The Manual is available for viewing on our website by clicking on the following link:
AccueilHome > News > 2017 > February > Changes to Policy and Procedure Manual