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CKC Calls for Regulatory Change Re: Dog Importation Following Dog Deaths on Ukrainian Flight

The Canadian Kennel Club issued a media release on June 22, calling for regulatory change on the mass dog importation into Canada—following news of the tragic loss of dogs on a Ukrainian flight that recently arrived in Toronto.

The large-scale importation of dogs and associated diseases into Canada are of grave concern to CKC and we have worked closely with the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) to promote awareness of diseases such as canine flu, brucellosis and most recently, information on animals and Covid-19. CKC is also working with CVMA, CFIA, and the Public Health Agency of Canada on the issue of mass importation of dogs and the risks to public and animal health.  

CKC continues to promote the benefits of obtaining a purebred dog from an accountable CKC member breeder and encourages those looking for a puppy to stop supporting individuals and organizations that perpetuate the mass importation of foreign dogs. 

We are closely monitoring the CFIA investigation on the Ukraine flight and seeking further details from the federal government, to inform our next steps to strengthen dog importation regulations that permit the safe importation of small numbers of dogs into Canada for legitimate purposes, while restricting the mass importation of dogs into Canada. 

The Canadian Kennel Club
Policy Statement – Importation of Dogs into Canada 
[Board Motion #59-12-18]
The CKC recognizes the need to import purebred dogs into Canada for the purposes of breeding, events and competition, as well as the need for people to travel with their service dogs, pets for vacations and to relocate pets with their owners immigrating to Canada—subject to the necessary safeguards.
The CKC supports a fair and straightforward scheme for monitoring and regulating the importation of dogs into Canada that will minimize the risks of disease to humans, domestic animals, the food chain, and wildlife. CKC is particularly concerned with the mass importation of dogs into Canada—which has resulted in documented reports of dogs that have entered Canada with both infectious diseases known in Canada and exotic diseases not common in this country. CKC also acknowledges the human and animal health risks associated with the interregional movement of dogs of questionable health status within Canada and encourages the placement of local pets within local boundaries.
CKC supports improved efforts to ensure animals imported into Canada are fully immunized, free of infectious diseases and parasites, and have been individually examined and certified by a licensed veterinarian before travel—including full contact information for the shipper and the party in Canada responsible for that animal upon its arrival into the country. CKC maintains that pets imported into Canada should also have unique and trackable identification, such as a microchip or a tattoo, which should be connected to the contact information for the party in Canada responsible for the animal upon its arrival.
CKC supports and encourages national education initiatives that drive awareness of the risks associated with the mass importation of dogs into Canada and transboundary movement of unhealthy dogs within Canada. We encourage like-minded organizations to work together to build on shared values and common goals, in support of the health and welfare of pets and the public.

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