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CKC Continues Talks with CFIA on New Dog Import Requirements

As you may know, CKC, along with other stakeholders, has been in talks with CFIA for several months and provided feedback on CFIA’s draft interim requirements for the importation of commercial dogs less than 8 months of age for breeding and resale (adoption) end use.

CKC members are aware of the large numbers of unhealthy dogs being imported into Canada and as such, CKC was pleased to participate in early discussions with CFIA, as we were informed that the new requirements would serve to ensure consistent animal health standards and requirements, while ensuring that legitimate breeders were not prevented from importing new genetic stock.

However, one of CFIA’s new changes, the kennel of origin certificate—which includes a mandatory inspection of the exporting kennel and endorsement by an official veterinarian of the country of origin—has created logistical and financial barriers for small-scale breeders who import a few healthy dogs into Canada. We brought this grave inequity to the attention of CFIA and they have decided not to make any further changes at this time. Rest assured, despite this unfortunate stance by CFIA, we continue to escalate our efforts in order to resolve this issue.

As we continue to seek exemptions for small-scale breeders, the kennel of origin certificate remains a mandatory requirement for all importers of commercial dogs into Canada (breeding and resale end use) CFIA has agreed to:
  • Conduct a review of the new requirements following an initial trial period.
  • Amend the turnaround time for a USDA vet to endorse the Kennel of Origin certificate from 48 hours preceding export to 5 days.
To assist our members with the new importation process, we have asked CFIA to review and update messaging on the CFIA website to further clarify the new requirements and to develop a step-by-step process/checklist on how to import a dog into Canada.

At this time, we recommend that CKC member breeders:
  • Contact their exporting partners to inform them of the new requirements, including the kennel of origin certificate (which includes a mandatory kennel inspection) and the timeframes associated with a veterinary inspection and endorsement of the Kennel of Origin Certificate. For example, as per the Kennel of Origin Certificate requirement (for the US), a licensed veterinarian must inspect the exporting kennel and issue the kennel of origin certificate, which must then be endorsed by a USDA accredited veterinarian found on the USDA website.
CKC has confirmed that:
  • There is no change to the temporary importation of commercial dogs under 8 months of age for the purposes of showing and exhibiting. Puppies less than 8 months of age may be imported on a temporary basis without an import permit only if proof is provided that the dog is registered in a competition, a show, or a trial organized by a recognized association and all of the other requirements are met. The reference to showing/exhibiting (permanent stay) under the new requirements does not impact temporary importation for the purposes of showing/exhibition.
Please know that our work is not finished. We remain active and resolute in our commitment to ensure that CKC member breeders who legitimately import a few healthy dogs into Canada, are not subject to the unnecessary financial and logistical barriers associated with the kennel of origin certificate. 

If you have specific examples of your breeding program being put at risk due to these new criteria, please make CFIA aware of the risks they have created.

We continue to escalate this issue with the appropriate government agencies and to advocate on behalf of our member breeders, to safeguard the genetic diversity required for the healthy breeding of purebred dogs in Canada.
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