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Update on MAPAQ Webinar and Upcoming Regulation

Thank you to all members who submitted questions and comments to CKC last month, in preparation for CKC’s participation in a webinar (French only) hosted by MAPAQ on December 19, regarding the upcoming Regulation. Your feedback was shared with MAPAQ prior to and during the webinar, which included a Q&A session. It was important for our members to be heard and to seek clarification on elements of the Regulation prior to implementation in February. The webinar included participation from MAPAQ representatives, the CKC, and approximately 40 individuals representing various groups and associations.
While some answers were obtained during the event, certain aspects still require clarification. Consequently, we have contacted MAPAQ for further information. The webinar covered essential points raised by members regarding regulations impacting breeding, inspections, and the treatment of various breeders. They include:
  • MAPAQ emphasized adherence to a maximum of 50 animals for breeding, boarding, or training. The MAPAQ considers this measure as a way to mitigate the prevalence of "puppy mills" and prioritize animal health.
  • Inspectors will equally apply regulations to all breeders, irrespective of the scale of operations. The cap of 50 animals is universally applicable.
  • Regarding how the government will differentiate between ethical and unethical breeders, MAPAQ presently does not have plans for a special accreditation system. 
  • To determine the permissible number of litters of puppies, scientific data from a comprehensive French report on breeding operations in Quebec and common practice have been considered.
  • Inspections will be conducted by MAPAQ. Warnings will be issued for minor issues, while immediate penalties will be imposed for severe violations or cases of animal cruelty. Penalties will increase for repeat offenders. In investigating complaints, inspectors will verify the validity of the complaint before taking action and conduct random spot checks.
  • A specific definition for a commercial breeder under these new rules was not provided.
  • These rules will apply uniformly to all breeders, irrespective of the types of animals they breed.
  • The CKC has shared comments and questions from members on several occasions regarding tail docking and ear cropping. MAPAQ is not proposing to make any changes to the regulations on this matter.
Understanding these insights is important as the implementation of these Regulation takes place on February 10, 2024.
CKC will continue to work with the Québec government and consult with our membership, in support of responsible breeders and breeding practices and canine health and wellbeing during the implementation phase of the Regulation.

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