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Would you be able to send me a list of breeders in my area?

The Canadian Kennel Club does not recommend individual breeders, but you can go to our homepage and click on icon to access a database of CKC Premier Member breeders who have puppies available for sale. You can search by breed and province and in most cases simply click on the contact button to send them an inquiry email. Additionally, you can visit our list of National Breed Clubs, select the breed that interests you and contact the National Breed Club Secretary for a list of breeders in your area. Finally, you may also contact CKC Client Services at 416-674-3699 for Club recommendations locally.


How can I find accommodations when travelling with my dog?

For information and booking hotel accommodations while travelling with your pets, go to the Pets Welcome website at


What are the rules to cross the Canadian border with my dog?

For information regarding dogs crossing the Canadian border, please contact Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Canadian Food Inspection Agency at (613) 225-2342 or visit their web site at Note: If a dog is under three months of age when crossing the border, proof of age is required. If the dog is over three months of age, a valid rabies vaccination certificate and proof of age is required.


How can I transport my dog?

Be sure to contact a reputable airline carrier or ground carrier for information on travelling with your dog.

For information regarding Air Canada pet travel regulations, please click here. Details regarding Air Canada Cargo can be obtained directly from 1-866-615-1155 (North America) or by clicking here.

For information regarding WestJet Cargo travel regulations, click here. If you have questions, please contact WestJet Cargo directly at 1(866) 952-2746 or


Why do I need a pedigree for my dog and how do I obtain it?

A pedigree is necessary if you would like to see the genealogical table showing the ancestral line of descent for your dog, or if you register or show your dog in a foreign country where you are required to provide a certified pedigree to the foreign kennel club.

To obtain a three or four generation pedigree, please click here.


Does a "sanction match" qualify as an approved dog show for the purposes of the regulations?

Yes, it is the CKC opinion that a sanction match can be considered an "approved dog show" under the regulations. Section 3.(1) and specifically 3. (2) of the regulations deal with Approved Dog Shows.

Section 3. (2) reads, "a dog show is an approved dog show if it is an event, whether held in Ontario or elsewhere, that is sanctioned , in writing, by one or more of the following dog registries The Canadian Kennel Club" etc.

The "dog show" (generic reference from regulations) has been approved - as per CKC Conformation Show Rules 1.2.8 - by a Director in the Zone acting as the agent for the CKC and written documentation of the approvals are filed with Shows and Trials Division at CKC National Offices. Therefore it is the CKC interpretation, that under the definitions in the regulations of Bill 132, we can consider a CKC "sanction match" as an approved dog show which is sanctioned by the CKC and where written documentation is on file. This therefore fulfills the requirements as defined in section 3.(2) of the regulations attached to Bill 132.

Are there special regulations for puppies?

Yes. There may be circumstances where it is not possible to show a puppy before August 29th. Under Exemptions, restricted pit bulls 4.(2)-4 "In the case of a restricted pit bull that was unborn or below the age of 36 weeks on the day this Regulation comes into force, the pit bull has participated in at least one approved dog show during the period ending on the day which the pit bull reaches the age of 36 weeks.