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This common practice is actually an incredibly dangerous behaviour to allow while travelling 

There are so many things I love about dogs and “dog people”. Too many to list. On the other hand, I also have some pet peeves when it comes to the behaviours of dog owners. Allowing nails to overgrow, incorrect use of a retractable leash, and not picking up after their dogs, are just a few. Today I was reminded of one that is so common you probably see it every single day in nice weather: allowing a dog to ride with its head out of a car window.


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Coyote Safety Tips
August 21, 2019

D59zEDgcRoa90fRhLb5S_iStock-1149269101-1.jpgHow to coexist with this wild member of the dog family

I recently encountered a coyote while walking my dogs in the afternoon in a park in downtown Toronto. I had previously seen two coyotes about a year ago while I was at the gym as one of the club’s huge windows look out to a set of train tracks.  At first, I figured they had somehow got lost (jumped onto a car while a train was it was stopped looking for food and ended up in the big city).

Canada, Ian Lynch, pet health, Summer, Tips Canada, Ian Lynch, pet health, Summer, Tips
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VA39vDjJT6kUxGXtbRqG_iStock-474841900.jpgCareful consideration, trust and intuition is needed when hiring this member of your dog’s care team. 

Benefits of a Dog Walker
Many of us lead busy lives and work outside the home. It’s not unusual for a dog owner to be away from the home for 10 hours a day. I personally don’t think it is fair to leave a dog to be home alone for that amount of time, so for me, and countless urban dog owners, a dog walker is an important part of our pet’s care team. A dog walker is an individual you are giving a key to your home and leaving your dog’s care in the hands of. Needless to say, this is not a position you fill on a whim!
Canada, How to, Ian Lynch, puppy, safety, Summer, Tips, training Canada, How to, Ian Lynch, puppy, safety, Summer, Tips, training
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Make the most out of the year’s warmest months with these summer safety tips.

Summer always promises big fun in the great outdoors: beach days, picnics, cottage getaways, camping trips and more. While summer is undoubtedly Canada’s favourite time to get out and enjoy our beautiful landscape, the season presents certain hazards to our beloved dogs. With some tips and awareness, you can take advantage of the summer months safely with your best friend.
Canada, How to, Ian Lynch, pet health, Summer, Tips Canada, How to, Ian Lynch, pet health, Summer, Tips
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dyBBl6EMTkur8i5zHjD9_91351771.jpgEnjoy cottage country safely with your best friend.

Dogs and cottages seem to go hand in hand: the great outdoors and lots of free time to spend with your best friend. So many of my fondest cottage memories involve my dogs, and each summer I look forward to making more. Cottages can be fun for dogs, but the experience presents several hazards. With a little knowledge and planning, you can safely enjoy the cottage with your dog this year.
Canada, Feel Good, Holiday, Ian Lynch, Responsible Dog Ownership, safety, Summer, Tips Canada, Feel Good, Holiday, Ian Lynch, Responsible Dog Ownership, safety, Summer, Tips
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FW001.jpg“I love fireworks” said no dog ever.

I consider it a cruel irony that the things I love most about fireworks – the sudden flashes, bright colours and echoing blasts – are the same things that make my best friend want to run and hide. While fun for humans, the loud, unexpected sounds of fireworks cause stress and anxiety for most dogs. As Canada Day approaches, here are some facts on why fireworks make dogs anxious and tips to help you keep the experience calm. 

Fireworks are scary for dogs for a number of reasons. The bright lights and booming sounds would be scary by themselves, but these lights and sounds appear out of nowhere and disappear again not to be seen for another 12 months. Unlike humans, dogs don’t know that Canada Day is coming. They aren’t expecting fireworks so the experience is quite startling. Though many dogs are afraid of thunder, thunderstorms actually come with way more warning than a fireworks show. Things like changes in barometric pressure and high winds help dogs, so many dogs are better able to anticipate them. Since fireworks are sudden and occur less frequently than thunderstorms, dogs can be even more stressed by them. Even dogs that are usually calm in noisy, crowded situations can react to a firework display. 
pet health, summer, tips pet health, summer, tips
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7 Summer Safety Tips
August 08, 2017

Ira-Glasses.jpgIt’s taken a while, but summer is finally in full swing! For many of you, that means adventure is just around the corner, but warm weather brings along risks and challenges... especially if you have flat-faced pals like I do. To help you have a safe, fun-filled summer with your best friend, I have compiled a list of my top tips.

Water water water!  Hydration is so important during the hot summer months, for both your pets and you! Bring a water bottle and collapsible bowl on your daily outings, making sure to stop for drinks often. Water can be a friend in many other ways, too; wet your pet down with cool water before and during time outdoors, treat them to a kiddie pool if you have a yard (this suggestion comes highly recommended by yours truly), and if you do dog sports, consider investing in a cooling coat or bandana...

Sarah Hosick, Summer, Tips Sarah Hosick, Summer, Tips
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