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Instafamous Canadian Dogs

July 03, 2018
Canadian pooches are dominating social media.

Instagram has over 500 million active users on a daily basis. Instagram is favoured as a passive social media platform where users can look at pictures of their favourite things – travel destinations, fashion and, of course, dogs.  Many people love taking a break from the stress of daily life by scrolling through cute pup pics. It’s no secret that Canada homes thousands of gorgeous dogs but, did you know that some Canadian dogs are among the most followed dogs on Instagram? Here are a few of my favourites.
Bailey is a handsome parti-coloured American Cocker Spaniel who was ranked as one of the top twenty dogs on Instagram by Toronto Life! Bailey lives with his two American Cocker Spaniel sisters who are also Insta-stars!  I think it’s great that Bailey’s owner helps educate current and potential Cocker Spaniel owners about grooming and upkeep - she showcases the dedication it takes to keep her Cocker’s coat glamorous by posting lots of pics of Bailey up on the grooming table. Bailey was bred by Country Dreams Reg’d and competes in dog shows!
Helmut is the life of the party! This cheery Pug from Toronto has over 30, 000 followers! He hosts Pug community meet ups in Trinity Bellwoods and can be seen everywhere from dockside at Stoney Lake to Pride parties in the park! Helmut comes from Jimary Pugs located just west of London, Ontario.
It would be hard to write a list of Canada’s favourite Canine Insta-Stars without mentioning Iggy Joey. This graceful Italian Greyhound is Instagram’s Doggy Super Model. She’s been called “Most Fashionable Dog in Canada” by Buzzfeed and “The Most Fashionable Pooch in the World” by the Bow Wow Times. Iggy Joey has over 60,000 followers and has been featured on the Marilyn Dennis Show, Toronto Life and the CBC!
It’s hard not to grin back at a Samoyed’s smile. Canada breeds world renowned Samoyeds so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we have many Samoyed Insta-stars like Menley!  Menley is known in the ring as CH Dushanbe’s Manhattan Skyline CGN and has over 10, 000 loyal followers! Menley was bred by Dushanbe and Vanderbilt Kennels. This handsome boy loves his people, walks, toys and always has at least one cake on his birthday!
It is my belief that to know a Bedlington Terrier is to love one. Quinn aka Camerata The Mighty Quinn is a big star on Instagram with over 6,000 followers! Quinn’s loving owners spare no expense on their beloved Bedlington. Quinn has enough toys to make a spoiled toddler jealous and so many jackets that he might already be looking forward to the fall! When he’s not playing with his buddies at day care, he’s on his way to get groomed or to pick out a new toy at this local pet shop. Quinn is one pampered pooch!

Getting your dog Instafamous

Does your dog have that star quality? Why not join the fun and set up an Instagram account for your dog? Start with a catchy handle that includes your dog’s name. Many successful Instagram accounts include the dog’s breed for example:  @bennythebichonfrise and @stella_the_goldenretriever. You can also include your location like French Bulldog @ParkerofPortland does.  After you have your name, post a great profile picture showing off your dog’s handsome face and write a short but sweet bio that shows off your dog’s unique personality.

Post pictures often and take note of what time seems to get the best engagement. I find that 5 or 6 p.m. works well because you tend to get people scrolling through as they take transit or unwind after a day at work. Other people find later on in the evening ideal. Be sure to include hashtags that include your dog’s breed for example: #norwichterrier, #bulldogsofinstagram and #frenchielove. The more hashtags you use, the better chances you have of having more eyes landing on your photos and gaining new followers. They say that in order to have a friend you have to be a friend first, so follow other dog pages, like and comment on their photos. Make sure to follow the Canadian Kennel Club’s Instagram account -@ckc4thedogs and tag them in your photos for a chance to be featured on the page! Post pictures of your dog enjoying walks, having a special treat or participating in events. There’s power in numbers so be sure to include pictures of your dog with his fellow canine friends because the only thing better than a cute dog is two cute dogs or three…

 Some people think that Instagram is a place for brunches, sunsets and selfies – but we dog people know better! Instagram is the ideal platform to watch dogs grow from mischievous puppies into grey muzzled seniors. And, with some practice, patience and an eye for doggy cuteness, you too can curate an awesome account that will allow your bundle of joy to bring joy to thousands of other dog lovers.

The opinions expressed by authors on the Canadian Kennel Club Blog and those providing comments are theirs alone, and do not reflect the opinions of the Canadian Kennel Club or any of its employees.

Les opinions et les commentaires exprimés dans le blogue du Club Canin Canadien sont ceux des auteurs et ils ne reflètent pas les opinions du Club Canin Canadien ni de ses employés.

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Ian Lynch

Ian Lynch

Ian Lynch is a comedian, on-air personality and Canadian Kennel Club member. He lives in Toronto with his Standard Poodle Measha. 

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